They say write “what you know”, “What you love” well if that’s the case then there are two things I love most – My Family and My work.

I’m Sarah and I’m an interior designer and had worked in London for what seems like forever. I had two of my three kids there and then decided to move to the country – a new life! A new adventure (well apart from still commuting to London every week to work…..)

Well BAM! Did I get a new life. When my youngest daughter was almost 2 she was admitted to hospital on the verge of a coma – she had gone into ketosis and was diagnosed with Type one Diabetes (this is not to be confused with Type 2) Her small gorgeous body had decided to kill off her pancreas meaning her body could not produce Insulin to move the sugars around her body. This meaning that without regular blood tests and insulin injections she would die. Those 5 days in hospital are such a blur and I had such fear of leaving the nurses and going home as I just didn’t feel I could keep her alive – what if I did something wrong!? It was all so bloody scary.

But you do cope, you have too because there is no choice ………………SO we all learnt about counting carbs and insulin ratios and IOB, Hypos and Hypers, how to change a cannula and a whole host of medical terms and we just dealt with it.

I admit that I had thoughts of leaving work and being hands on with her and her treatment (I’d read lots on mums who did just this and were home with their kids all the time to monitor things and basically be a carer) but actually this was just not me.

I love my kids and I am very hands on in all my daughters’ treatment but I needed to work – I needed a break from it and also she needed a break from it. She doesn’t actually ever get a break as its relentless (she has to be monitored and checked at least every two hours every day for the rest of her life – or until a cure is found)  but by me trying to normalise the life around her as much as I could – it did make things a little easier.

I didn’t want her to think we were changing our lives because of her and her condition or were wrapping her up in cotton wool and not letting her do things because of it and believe me this is so hard because you worry all the time – but it’s my worry not hers and she’s can just have fun as every little child should do.

So off I went to London for two days a week every week and I did the phone calls home every two hours to the nursey and our childminder working out insulin amounts and how many carbs she was eating or guiding them to help her if she was hypo or hyper. It was hard but by me doing this meant she was being given a normal life (as much as we possibly could.)

Me and my husband had really wanted another baby and so decided to go for it – in August 2016 we had a lovely little boy.

Finally  this was the point I decided to make the break from my work in London and stay up in Cheltenham – It suddenly felt right, probably because I wasn’t doing it because of my little girl’s condition. She of course along with my eldest was desperate for me to give up the job and be home all the time so they were thrilled.

This is when I decided to start FLOELLA. I loved being home with my kids but I really did still need to work and be in the business so Floella was born (named after my two girls.)

Floella is a company born out of a huge love for interiors and soft-furnishings and 16 years of, for the most part amazing jobs in London with great clients (yes there are a few terrible ones but I do have to say that it’s those clients who make you better and stronger at your job.)

I think having a lovely home is something that everyone can achieve whatever budget they have – now more so than ever with us having access to so many products. My aim is never to push my ideas on to my clients but to guide them and help them create the home they want.

Whether it’s a few cushions that you want making, a pair of curtains or mini room revamp or whole room/house design – I’m your girl.

My first consultations are free of charge (within Cheltenham and surrounding areas) and I offer fellow MumBosses a discount on Room Re-Vamps and 10% off all fabric/wallpaper orders.

Oh and 4 years into living with Type one diabetes in our life – well yes it’s still hard and relentless but my little girl is amazing. She is the bravest person I know and takes it all in her stride. She is the most amazing Gymnast and loves to dance and I couldn’t be more proud of her. We support JDRF who are an amazing charity that are making amazing movements towards finding a cure for TYPE 1 DIABETES.

A Guest Blog from MumBoss member Sarah Davies

About Sarah

Sarah is a mum of three and owner of Basil, the world’s best dog (Labrador.) She lives in Cheltenham and runs her busy interior design business ‘Floella’ around her family. She is a very proud member of the Cheltenham MumBoss Club.  You can follow Sarah on Instagram or visit her website. 


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