Flat Shoe Love

Flat Shoe Love
  • 39% of men think their partner has too many pairs of shoes
  • 55% of men have had to carry their girlfriend because their feet hurt
  • One in two women owns more than 30 pairs of shoes
  • 8% of women own more than 100 pairs of shoes
  • 75% of women own shoes that don’t fit very well
  • 43% of women have worn 5-inch heels or higher

(Taken from a survey of 1,000 men and women conducted by Harpers Bazaar.)

Can you identify with any of the above results?

I know I can … (apart from the last point…at 6ft I really don’t need any more inches added!)

There is nothing my children love more the delving into my wardrobe and “dressing up like mummy”, and the shoes are always the first thing they go for (perhaps because they are at eyeheight!). The parading and preening that ensues reminds me of when I did this when I was little…except I am sure that there were less squeals of frustration as I wasn’t trying to navigate my way into a gladiator sandal like my four year old was trying to do the other day…block heals of the 1980’s were a little easier to manage!

So why do we have so many shoes (and bags)?

Once you give it some thought I think the most obvious reason would be that women love shoes for the same reasons they love bags. They don’t make you feel fat, you don’t have to get undressed to try them on, size is either non-issue or simply not related to your stomach/bum/bust/length of leg and they don’t necessarily suit Kate Moss any better than you.

Having reached my lofty heights by the time I was 17 I have always been partial to a flat! Luckily for me they are now such a wardrobe staple – whatever your height-  there is plenty of choice (whereas twenty years ago I was umming and ahhing between a pair of flip flops or (penny) loafers…and no- they didn’t look cool then like they do now…mainly because I was wearing them with a floral dress form Laura Ashley!!)

The flats out there are in all the styles, colours and textures you can imagine. From sleek velvet slippers and ballet pumps to boyish brogues – there is a style that will appeal to everyone..

I also love the fact that since “Sporstlux” is now such a strong trend- wearing your trainers to walk to work – is part of your look as opposed to being just a practical option so you can run for the bus!

So I thought it might be helpful to pull together some of my favorite summer flats out there to give you the inspiration for those days when running after an elusive toddler, doing the weekly shop or simply needing a break from heals needs a practical footwear alternative!


Worn with a long skirt or dress- these are going to give a bit of edge to your outfit….careful with how much strap is going on if you have shorter legs as all that detail can make your leg look shorter.

Love the simplicity of these ones from BlowFish Bungalow from Debenhams:

Or if you like a bit of metallic these ones are from La Redoute:

However…you could go left-field and all girly with a bit of pink and a pompom or two! These fabulous ones are from J Crew. Keep your skirt or trouser really simple and cropped enough so you get the full effect of these beauties!



The true stalwart of summer footwear…and definitely my favorite…you just can’t beat them! However, be warned- there are some rubbish quality ones out there and I have been through them all! (Havaiania, Accesorize, Topshop, Ipanema…I’m looking at you!) The only ones which I have found that last all summer without the little round bit that goes through to the sole, are from Reef. They now do really pretty sparkling ones…which is great as their old styles were a bit too surfer-chic!


These are often a little dressier then a flip flop and have more to them, to offer a bit more statement to your outfit. Be careful how you wear them as then can make your legs look shorter by where they finish on your foot…so make sure you have your hemline of your skirt/ trousers at a flattering point for you.

I thought these ones from New Look were really elegant…

Or these for some flower power from Dune…LOVE these…worn with simple white flared trousers and a coloured top that picks out a colour from the shoes (take your pick!!)  perfect for a casual summer party…

Or how about going all out with these ruffle ones from ASOS…

Keep the rest of your outfit simple and uncluttered so that the shoes can really do the talking!

Pointed toe ballet pumps:

I would always advise to go for a pointed rather then a round toe ballet pump as they will be  so much more flattering on the leg and makes your foot look narrower and longer. These neutral, patent (read- ‘wipe clean with a wet wipe’…all the class!) from ASOS are great to add to an outfit to give appearance of longer legs (as there is no colour change to add the “stop” …the neutral colour blends with skin…)

Or these ones from Next are causing a right stir on Instagram at the moment! They are a slightly different cut and sit higher on the foot- a more modern take on the flat pump/singback.

Finally I loved these ones from George at Asda:

Such a stunning colour and a great option for if you are wanting to make statement without having to totter!

I hope that gives you some ideas as well as some pitfalls to avoid! If you have any questions or want to ask about shoes, flats or anything style- related- please email me…always happy to talk fashion!

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