Feeding your littlies

Feeding your littlies

Being a mum brings so many challenges. More than I ever realised could be possible. Overwhelming love, exhaustion, tiredness and guilt. Oh the guilt. Always trying to do my best but also always feeling like I have missed the mark or have not done enough.

This was true in so many parts of my role as a mum, but no more so then when it comes to feeding my children. Even now I can’t tell you the elation I feel when they have eaten a ‘good’ meal. I physically can feel myself relax knowing all these nutrients will be zooming around their little bodies and nourishing them when they go off to sleep at night.

As a qualified Nutritionist, I questioned myself over and over again why I got so emotional and why I spent so long worrying about it. A few months ago, as I was wiping the left over children’s dinner off the walls and floor it occurred to me why. Looking over at all of the ‘baby weaning’ books I had collected and all the images of parents feeding their children, I realised they were the reason I had been so anxious. All these images of smiley babies dressed in white sat to their high chair. Their immaculate mothers sat opposite feeding their tots food that had taken 6 hours to prepare. They weren’t giving me an accurate account of what weaning and toddler feeding would be like, instead they were promoting a un-realistic lifestyle that was just setting me up for a fall, one massive ‘you aren’t as good as that immaculate mother’ fall.

I put my professional head on, and when speaking to all my friends who had young children, I realised that I wasn’t alone, and in fact the world of feeding children is a really challenging one filled with questions guilt and anxiety. I took all this information on board, and then using my qualification have designed this workshop.

On Saturday 25th March 2017, I will be running an informal 3 hour workshop all about childhood nourishment. It will cover everything from baby weaning to feeding children at school age.

I will not be promoting a lifestyle, instead it will be a real world mum talking to other mums and dad’s about how to nourish their children without the anxiety. The course will:

* Look at the actual nutritional requirements of children at varying ages to really understand what they body’s need.

* Look at all the different foods that can supply the required nutrients for your child

* Look at the tricks of the food industry and how some of their advertised food may not be beneficial

* Explore the world of fussy eaters – a phase nearly all children go through at some point

* Apply all this practical information into how to carry it out in a real life setting – this will include recipe cards, fact    sheets as well as the chance to try some of the food yourself.

It will be set in a really informal environment and be a chance to bring a group of Mums or Dads together to ask all the questions that you need to go away and feel informed and empowered on the world of childhood nutrition, but in a practical and achievable way.

The course will run from 9am – 12pm on 25th March 2017, based near Cirencester and the cost for the session including information to take away is £30.00

To book a place please contact me on 07766015161 or email jennifer@pillarofhealth.co.uk


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