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Facing Up to The Importance of Self Care

Facing Up to The Importance of Self Care
I’ve never been one of those women who live for beauty products and take super duper care of their skin. That’s probably pretty obvious to anyone who takes just one look at me! However tipping over from the lower half of my fourth decade into the second half (I’m 36) I’ve really really noticed the effects of my lack of attention so I jumped at the chance to visit MumBoss Louisa Quiddington at her beauty clinic Re:Face for a bespoke facial last month.
There’s something about a facial – I’ve probably had no more than five in my life but I think they (this one in particular) are actually as relaxing as a massage  – possibly due to the fact that I hold the vast majority of my tension in my head due to the excessive amount of thinking/worrying/planning that makes me a typical mother.
Louisa got straight to work but as she did so we discussed my current skincare regime and how it’s really about time I incorporated a daily SPF into it. I have some fairly sizeable sun spots that I know are only going to get worse if I don’t start to take this sun damage shizzle seriously. I also have fairly dry skin so as with all of her facials Louisa planned exactly what treatments she would incorporate into my one hour bespoke facial with my skin type and requirements in mind.
She used all Dermalogica products on me (as they are her tried and tested preferred range for all skin types) but will happily discuss using a client’s own product. I had a pre-cleanse oil treatment followed by a cream cleanser for dry skins. This was followed by a Salicylic Acid exfoliator (this acts as a superficial skin peel and smells deliciously of lemon curd!)
Then a lovely steam – the warmth was amazing and by this stage I was deeply relaxed. Louisa then gets stuck into what she calls extraction – this is were she takes a good look for any blackheads or milia (those tiny white dots on your face) and gently zaps them away.
Next on to my favourite bit – the massage and a phase of really deep relaxation. I chose a deep tissue massage and Louisa has some amazing techniques that feel really special on your skin – she used organic oils and towards the end I did feel like I was floating.
As I had an event that same evening Louisa suggested a Collagen and Hyalouronic Acid sheet mask which packs a serious hydrating punch and plumps up the skin. That stayed on for about ten minutes and I was left to float in my relaxed zone! It was taken off with some warm cloths and followed up with a spritz of hydrating toner, some moisturiser and that ever important SPF! An hour pretty well spent in my opinion and my skin really did thank me for it.
So if you’re a Mum in need of some time out I would really recommend Louisa and her bespoke offering Re:face – she also offers treatments to combat teen and adult acne, rosacea, pigmentation and loads more common skin complaints.
She currently works from the Cygnini Clinic in the Suffolks and as a Mum of two she totally understands that regimes need to be practical and affordable. Be sure to tell her I sent you as all readers of this blog can get £10 off Louisa’s usual bespoke facial price of £58.
(This blog is not endorsed. Louisa is a valued member of the Cheltenham MumBoss Club.)

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