An Extraordinary Ordinary Day

An Extraordinary Ordinary Day

A Guest Blog Post from Jennifer Dewett

7.32 AM – Skyler is dozing in her swing chair post feed and Zach is sat watching kids TV. I make a run for the stairs and halfway up I hear Zach shouting for his “ducky” so I run up into his room to retrieve it.

7.37 AM – Having successfully made it to the bedroom, I find my husband peacefully sleeping and I try to remove all murderous thoughts from my head while I gently (prod hard in the back) wake him. I politely point out that I’ve been up for the past hour so could he kindly make a coffee and keep an eye on the kids while I shower; and preferably before he abandons me to go to work. He casually throws into the conversation he doesn’t have to start work until later today. I decide he’s the best husband in the world.

8.23 AM – Zach has been trying to choose between cereal, toast or porridge for 10 minutes. I make the decision for him and go with porridge. He has a mini fit and decides on brioche.

10.30 AM – My husband prepares to leave for work and I ask him not to go. He leaves anyway and Zach cries for 5 minutes.

10.45 AM – We get ready to leave the house. I dash upstairs to change Skyler. I arrive back downstairs and find every single toy Zach owns strewn across the floor, none of which he is playing with. Oh and he’s naked. And covered in plasters (really need to find a new home for them). I was gone for 4 minutes.

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1.10 PM – I’ve been trying to negotiate the terms of Zach leaving the park without me having to drag him out by his feet. It costs one twister lolly. A small price to pay I’d say.

2.10 PM – Skyler is napping and Zach is choosing a movie to watch for “quiet time”. He cuddles up to me and I think how lucky I am to have such lovely children.

unnamed (1)

2.25 PM – Zach decides he’s had enough quiet time and empties his Lego box all over the living room floor, waking his sister in the process.

2.50 PM – I return from changing Skyler to discover Zach fast asleep face down on the sofa. Skyler spends some time on her play mat and drifts off also. I should use this time to catch up on a few minutes of sleep myself. Instead I clean the bathroom, empty the kitchen bin, fold and put away a heap of laundry, stare out of the window for 5 minutes (they really need cleaning) and start to prepare dinner.

5.37 PM – I feed Skyler while Zach whines that her feet are touching him. The sofa seats 4 adults comfortably, not to mention the entire empty sofa on the other side of the room. I finish feeding Skyler and tell him he is more than welcome to sit in my place now while I run his bath. He runs across the room and plays with his toys.

unnamed (2)

6.00 PM – Skyler is happily splashing away in her baby bath and Zach is having a fit because he doesn’t want a bath.

6.19 PM – Zach is having a fit because he doesn’t want to get out of the bath.

6.27 PM – Zach doesn’t want to wear his pyjamas. He wants to sleep naked. I agree to this if he will just go into his room and choose a book for bed. I settle Skyler in her swing chair and hope she will stay settled until I’ve got Zach into bed.

6.42 PM – Zach is crying. He doesn’t want to sleep naked; he wants to wear his pyjamas. Also, he wants to kiss Skyler goodnight.

7.05 PM – Zach is in bed with his milk and I make my way downstairs to feed Skyler.

7.16 PM – Mid-feed, I hear Zach shouting for his car over the monitor. I let Skyler finish feeding to a chorus of “mummy, mum, mummy, mum, mum” and place her in her swing.

7.21 PM – I take Zach his car and he whines that I’ve brought him the wrong red car. Red car collection exhausted I make my way downstairs and, after quickly checking on the now sleeping Skyler, start scouring the kitchen for chocolate.

7.40 PM – Cup of tea and chocolate in hand I congratulate myself on having got both kids to sleep and flick the TV on to watch an episode of something trashy. The TV automatically turns on to the kids channel and I raise my cup of tea to my lips. Skyler wakes with a cry.

8.10 PM – Skyler is asleep, my tea is cold and I’ve been watching Peppa Pig for the last 30 minutes.

10.22 PM – My husband returns from work and wakes me. He is relieved to discover that it is indeed chocolate smeared on my cheek and not another substance which has, in fact, become the main topic in our household.

10.37 PM – I check on Zach, he’s sleeping peacefully and I trace the outline of his face with my finger, ruffle his gorgeous curly locks and kiss his forehead. He’s so beautiful. He starts to turn over and I practically fall on the floor; please don’t wake up!!

10.45 PM – Having successfully relocated Skyler to her crib I wonder whether its worth going back to sleep as she will no doubt wake as soon as I drift off. I fall asleep before reaching a decision.

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Jennifer is happiest of all when in the company of her children, Zach and Skyler, and husband Dwain. She loves all things floral and can often be found lusting after all the pretty blooms at her local florist. She is ever so slightly obsessed with her vacuum cleaner. You can follow Jennifer on Instagram.


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