Episode 45 – Meet Danielle Seatter, Good Mum Bad Mum Podcast

Episode 45 – Meet Danielle Seatter, Good Mum Bad Mum Podcast

Back with another amazing MumBoss on the podcast today.

Pre summer holidays I enjoyed a sunny morning in my garden chatting to Danielle Seatter who runs local business Cotswolds Creative Design.

We chat briefly about business and the MumBoss juggle.

But the bulk of this podcast is Dani and I talking openly about her experiences of parenting a child through a mental health condition.

Dani’s daughter Lauren has battled severe depression, a condition her parents didn’t know she was suffering with until they were called in to school and teachers explained the problem when Lauren was just 15.

Over time stress turned to depression and Lauren began self harming as a way of coping with the way that she was feeling. The family went under the care of child mental health services and Dani bravely recalls what must have been a very hard time for her and her family.

It’s important to note that though I don’t speak to Lauren in the episode this recording has taken place with her full consent and encouragement (she is now 22.)

So do listen in and let us know if it’s of any help. Rate, review and subscribe and head over to Instagram to follow Dani in her creative pursuits. Or find out about her new businesses Cotswold Business Assistance and Eco-Able here.


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  1. September 17, 2019 / 10:22 am

    Thank you Danielle for talking about such an important topic. Lauren is lucky to have a mum like you. Thank you Lauren for allowing your mum to share your experiences. It is so good to be talking about such an important issue that so many people suffer with. It is so important to talk x

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