Episode 38 – Meet Kate Pennell – Good Mum Bad Mum Podcast

Episode 38 – Meet Kate Pennell – Good Mum Bad Mum Podcast

With Maggie’s Cookbook, Recipes to Remember.

I’ve got a lovely short and sweet podcast today with someone I’d never come across but was introduced to by Kelly and Natasha the masterminds behind the charity cookbook Recipes to Remember that I hope you are now all snapping up your copy of copies of!

I trekked into the deepest Cotswolds and knocked on the door for today’s guest not really knowing too much about her other than she’s keen on one of my favourite puddings, a creme brûlée and when I stepped into her kitchen I realised this guest wasn’t just any old cook – not many of us have industrsial catering kitchens in our own homes!

Today’s interview is with Kate Pennell, private chef all over the Cotswolds and one time personal chef to Prince Charles. We had a lovely chat over a coffee about her relationship with cooking, why creme brûlée was the recipe she didn’t hesitate to contribute to the book when asked and more. You can follow Kate on Instagram and find out more about her at her website.

Just as a reminder to you all If you’re not sure what Maggie’s do and why the £20 price tag on the cookbook is worth every single penny….. well quite simply they support anyone affected by cancer. So at Maggie’s you can talk to and get support from a range of professionals. Their 22 centres are staffed by Cancer Support Specialists, Benefits Advisors, Nutritionists, therapists and Psychologists, all providing support in whichever way best suits you.

The cookbook has been lovingly produced by Natasha Willmore of Culpepper and Co and Kelly and Phil James of Shadowplay Design – all of whom are angels and should be profusely thanked for giving up their time and energy to support such a fantastic cause.

So please support them by purchasing your copy of the book today.



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