Episode 33 – The Healthy Family Series – Let’s Talk Pregnancy

Episode 33 – The Healthy Family Series – Let’s Talk Pregnancy

Hey hey it’s podcast day and I’m delighted today to introduce my new 7 part series in collaboration with One Gloucestershire – linking in with our local NHS services to help us all be healthy parents raising healthy children.

Over the next few months these special episodes will take us through key stages in parenthood and we’re starting with the very first part of most of our journeys – those nine months of pregnancy.

In this episode I speak to Gloucestershire based midwives Michelle Sterry (specialising in health lifestyles) and Jo Daubeney (specialising in supporting Vulnerable Women.)

We’d absolutely love to know what you think and if you are pregnant or thinking about having a baby if you find the episode helpful?

Below please find links and advice on everything we discussed in this episode as well as further contacts if you have been affected by any of the issues raised and need further support.


You can contact your local midwifery team on one of the numbers listed here https://www.gloshospitals.nhs.uk/our-services/services-we-offer/maternity/contact-maternity-team/ alternatively contact your GP and they will direct you to the right team.

After around 16 weeks you can speak to a midwife at any time of day or night via the Maternity Advice Line on 0300 422 5541 if you have any concerns about your pregnancy

General support during pregnancy

Gloucestershire Maternity Voices – www.glosmaternityvoices.nhs.uk – this brand new information website from the NHS will officially launch later this year, but for now it’s in testing phase and they’d love to hear your feedback so they can ensure the site meets your needs. There is an email address at the top of the site so you can get in touch.

NHS Pregnancy and Baby Guide https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/

Sign up for the Start4Life weekly emails https://www.nhs.uk/start4life/signups/new

Baby Buddy App https://www.bestbeginnings.org.uk/baby-buddy

Support for Dads

Get the DadPad App https://thedadpad.co.uk/

S.H.E.D is a group for birth partners of babies who start their life at Gloucester’s neonatal unit https://www.facebook.com/S.H.E.Daccount/

Related services

Healthy Lifestyles Service Gloucestershire https://hlsglos.org/ or 0800 122 3788

Healthy Start voucher scheme – speak to your midwife or health visitor to see if your eligible, available from 10 weeks pregnant

Gloucestershire’s Domestic Abuse Support Service https://www.gdass.org.uk/

Alcohol support https://www.changegrowlive.org/

Thanks for listening.



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