Episode 31 – Battle of the Trifle with Maggie’s Cookbook – Recipes to Remember

Episode 31 – Battle of the Trifle with Maggie’s Cookbook – Recipes to Remember

If you listened in to last week’s podcast with Georgia Burford you will have heard that I have a couple of special series coming up on the podcast. One in collaboration with the NHS and the other in collaboration with the incredible design team behind the very special cookbook produced last year, raising much needed funds for Maggie’s Cancer Care centres, Recipes to Remember.

The aim of this series (which will feature once a month during the spring and summer) is to raise awareness of this incredible book, it’s contributors and why the funds every sale of the book raises are so important to the incredible charity that is Maggie’s.

With Mother’s Day this week, I’ve kickstarted the series with two short interviews with contributors for the book who, would you believe, donated a recipe for the same dish! And it’s a goody! A really great option for anyone looking to finish off a Mother’s Day meal to remember! Today we’re talking trifle and I’ve been lucky enough to speak to two great women with two incredible recipes and two memories that relate to their childhoods and moments with matriarchs in their life.

I speak to Carey White first, an Oxfordshire based foodie, Carey plonks plastic lego characters into some of the finest dishes in the land and writes about them over on her blog My Lego Man.

Carey’s trifle is a tribute to her mother who created the dish for Saturday night dinner parties, leaving the leftovers for Carey and her brother to devour on a Sunday morning. You can follow Carey on Instagram or on Twitter.

Then I speak to local mum of two and shopkeeper at online lifestyle store Violet and Percy, Flora Mountford. Flora grew up as one of four siblings in a busy cottage in Devon and she recalls escaping on her own for some one on one time with her dear grandmother, who made a seriously boozy trifle that Flora has loved recreating over the years. You can also follow Flora on Instagram and Twitter.

After you’ve listened I can imagine that you’ll have a desperate urge to try a trifle and to replicate either of these incredible recipes you’ll just have to purchase your copy of the book and you can do so directly form this link. or you can visit this link to see a full list of stockists. The book is £20 and every penny of profit goes directly to Maggie’s.

If you’re not sure what Maggie’s do… well quite simply they support anyone affected by cancer. So at Maggie’s you can talk to and get support from a range of professionals. Their 22 centres are staffed by Cancer Support Specialists, Benefits Advisors, Nutritionists, therapists and Psychologists, all providing support in whichever way best suits you.

The cookbook has been lovingly produced by Natasha Willmore of Culpepper and Co and Kelly and Phil James of Shadowplay Design – all of whom are angels and should be profusely thanked for giving up their time and energy to support such a fantastic cause.

So please support them by purchasing your copy of the book today.

Thanks and enjoy the listen.



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