Episode 30 – Meet Georgia Burford, CheltenhamMaman Good Mum Bad Mum Podcast

Episode 30 – Meet Georgia Burford, CheltenhamMaman Good Mum Bad Mum Podcast

I couldn’t be happier today as I’m introducing you all to one of my oldest friends in the world. Georgia and I grew up doing cartwheels in the garden and playing make believe in a pretty special Worcestershire village and yet another benefit of this site I’ve created is that we’ve got back in touch.

As soon as she filled me in on the incredible things she’s been doing for the last twenty years I just knew she needed to be a guest on the podcast. From teaching in an inner city London school, to working with VSO in rural third world communities to becoming CEO for a charity focusing on international development to meeting a dairy farmer in rural Wiltshire to becoming mum to the gorgeous Betty – what a journey and so much for us to talk about!

In a bid to find a way to make her change in lifestyle as Farmer’s wife (or partner in this case) connect the dots to her career history (making a real difference to international communities), Georgia has set up Savannah Willow which she talks about in much more detail in today’s episode so be sure to listen! Just to match up what you hear to a visual image of the amazing products she is sourcing from African artisans here are just some of her amazing range of products with soul and purpose.

If you love what you hear do make sure you head over to Instagram to Georgia a follow at @savannahwillow and as ever be sure to give the podcast a rate, review and subscribe!

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