Episode 14 – Meet Jenni Retourné – CheltenhamMaman Good Mum Bad Mum

It’s podcast day again and this week I have a gorgeous chin wag with MumBoss Club member, mum of one and founder of Willowberry Natural Skincare, Jenni Retourné.

In the episode we talk building a brand, finding your niche and then move on to talk about how liberating it feels to be your own boss, decide what your version of success looks like and to raise daughters to know their potential is unlimited.

To find out more about Willowberry you can follow Jenni on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Jenni also recommends The Malvern Spa and you can find out more about them here.

To book onto Maman Goes Pop as mentioned in the introduction just visit the programme of events and select book tickets!

Thanks as ever for listening and sharing.


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