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Episode 13 – Meet Dr Michael Kilshaw – CheltenhamMaman Good Mum Bad Mum

Episode 13 – Meet Dr Michael Kilshaw – CheltenhamMaman Good Mum Bad Mum

Those of you who tuned in to last week’s podcast will know that I promised to mix things up a bit this week.

Well here’s the news…. I GOT A MAN ON THE SHOW! And not just a man – a man who is a GP and therefore knows a thing or two about the NHS, child health and how we (as patients) can make the best of the resources that the NHS has to offer.

This episode is a little different as we’re talking all things health with particular reference to families and children and I know you’re going to want to have a listen with the cold and flu season being just around the corner.

Michael refers to a document in the show that will help you identify the severity of your child’s symptoms and how urgently you should be seeking help. This is the link to the guidelines discussed.

Enjoy listening, and of all the shows I’ve recorded to date, this one has the power to really help people so please do share with your friends and family if you think it might be useful.

As always feedback really gladly received.


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