Duvet Day Dreaming

Duvet Day Dreaming

It has been a hectic week here at CheltenhamMaman HQ. Lots of fun stuff going on but a busy diary and typically…. a poorly Bébé. After the brilliant sell out performance of the Scummy Mummies last night and a very long day prepping and tidying up I returned home to a red eyed, exhausted, mucus encrusted  little one who just needed her Mum.

The wonderful thing about true friends is that they just ‘get it’ and if you need to wake up (though in theory you have to have been asleep to wake up) and declare a ‘duvet day’ they’ll understand when you cancel your meet ups.

So thats my morning today. Pyjamas still firmly on, two hours of non stop snot wiping and comforting the little one complete she is now zonked and I’m relaxing with a cup of coffee in my gorgeous new Catherine Colbrook mug.


I picked up the laptop with the good intention of researching other people’s christmas gifts but do you know what? Sod it. I’m knackered, I’ve worked hard and I’m going to indulge in a little self care (I’ve just opened the chocolate hobnobs too… wild I know.)

So I’ve created a collection on my Maybe* full of little trinkets I’m really hoping the Papa might consider placing in my stocking this year. I don’t want to be greedy but I’d actually rather have a few smaller treats than any one big present this year.

I’m bizarrely attracted to this zany River Island lime green beanie (though I think it would clash with every other item of clothing I own!)


I’m also lusting after this really pretty pendant from Moonflower in Stroud.


But of course it’s not just about me! I’ve included a couple of items (like that mug above) that I already have and think you might just love in your christmas stocking. These nail polish stocking fillers from Margaret Dabbs would look amazing hung on the tree… I’ve got a couple of colours at home as well as their nail and cuticle serum which is really special.



And who doesn’t love a great book recommendation? I suggest this one for your stockings… let me know on the Maybe* app what you suggest for mine!



I’ve put together lots of other suggestions for you (and me) for you to take a look at here. I’m really enjoying looking at all of the collections you’ve all been putting together on Maybe* and the pictures you’ve added to Instagram and Twitter using #WDYT – keep going to be in with your chance of winning £500 this christmas. 



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