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Debrief on a Recent Cotswold Instagram Meet Up

Debrief on a Recent Cotswold Instagram Meet Up

The Concept of Instagram (IG) Meet Ups is not new, in fact it’s been kicking about as long as IG has been around.

The thinking behind this is:

a. A goal to get other Instagrammers in your city/area to get away from their screens and meet one another in Real Life (IRL)

b. Two or three people still counts as a meet up. Anyone can organise them.

On Thursday, 28th June the first Cotswolds Instagram Meet Up took place. Twenty, amazing women, turned up at Burford Garden Company (who kindly sponsored the event). We had a morning of networking, whilst drinking coffee and eating delicious cakes!

If you ask me why I chose to organise the Cotswolds IG Meet Up – I would say – why not? The space was there and I guess, having organised many events for work before, it did not seem like a daunting task. The question of getting a sponsor – in this case Burford Garden Company (BGC) was also a very delightful and smooth process – they were very keen. BGC worked with me hand in hand to understand what space we needed, who was coming and how they could serve us best.

My nervousness however, was about people turning up. Would anyone come? Would it be just be me standing there? Was the concept ‘too much’ for our gorgeous, quaint country side?

So I posted the concept on my Instagram account and got an amazing level of interest! I was absolutely thrilled. Women who wanted to come and meet other women who they have followed on IG for ages. Women who run small businesses and wanted to network. Women just wanted to come and meet others in the Cotswolds areas and many more!

We had a wonderful morning! It was buzzy! We drank lots of coffee and consumed cake. We chatted and got to meet new people. We caught up with some old faces. We all even walked away with a gorgeous goody bags that Burford Garden Company put together for us!

We should definitely run another IG Meet Up again later in the year and tap into all the talent around in the Cotswolds! Perhaps at the next one we can get someone to speak or showcase their skill! Let me know your ideas! More soon!

A Guest Blog from Irene Moldtsov

About Irene

Irene is a mother of two boys (five and seven) and lives in the Cotswolds. She runs a Management Consulting business and invests in local businesses. Irene loves nothing more than hanging with her husband and boys in their gardens and chasing her boys (who in turn like to chase their chickens). You can find her on IG.

Photos: Nadia (@Naddix)


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