Day off at Laura Leigh

Day off at Laura Leigh

I’m a fickle old gal when it comes to my hair. 35 years I’ve been on this planet and failed to develop any real attachments to a salon or stylist. For most of my adult life my hair has been the same; varying degrees of long flitting with no loyalty whatsoever between a deep dark brown for my wedding to a very light blonde with roots Courtney Love would be proud of.

I’ve tried on several occasions to jazz things up a bit…. a big heavy set fringe; cried for a week, a short neck length not quite bob; cried for a month and my husband is very fond of my long tresses so I’ve given up imagining that the pixie crop might be for me, it just isn’t – you can’t have it all.

I’m also not the kind of gal that lives their life in a cycle of six weekly hair tidies booking my next appointment as I settle up for the last – that feels way to grown up for me.

So when I got the call from the team at Laura-Leigh salon asking if I wanted to come in and find out a bit more about what they can offer busy Mums it really couldn’t have come at a better time. My big event with Clemmie Hooper was looming and my do was heading into scarecrow territory.

When I arrived I was seated in the very sleek and minimalist salon and introduced to Jack my stylist and colour technician for the day. I mentioned the word fringe (again! why do I never learn…. but everyone’s got one so maybe things might have changed?) – he pondered before gently but firmly moving me in the direction of redefined layers and a good overall cut for health. Why fix something that’s just not broken?…. he was right.

Jack took a look at my existing colour and felt that he could lift it with some soft, understated balayage highlights. Balayage is a French technique whereby the stylist essentially becomes an artist and paints the colour on freehand. Having had it once before I can vouch for the fact that it does last a lot longer than normal highlights. It’s more expensive for sure but for someone like me it would probably only need refreshing twice a year so over the long run it probably works out more cost effective. Jack recommended using balayage for anyone just looking to accentuate. lift and highlight their existing colour. It’s also a great option if you are looking to take your hair back to it’s natural colour and they can use a technique called reverse balayage for this.

I was offered drinks galore and settled for a delicious peppermint tea (I know – get me) and as Jack got to work he told me a bit about the history of the salon. Laura Leigh (the owner) opened up her original salon on The Promenade in 2005 and in the run up to her tenth anniversary searched for some bigger premises to take the busy salon to the next level. She found the premises on 22 Clarence Street (right next to Cath Kidston just around the corner from The Promenade) and opened in November 2015. It’s not just hair that they offer at the salon – they do a full range of nails, tans, makeup, lashes, brows, waxing and more.

Another very exciting initiative that Laura Leigh have just launched is their concierge service. Completely free of charge while you are having your hair or treatment done the team at Laura Leigh will run basic errands in town for you (pick up dry cleaning, top up the car parking meter, grab you some lunch) meaning your experience with them can be as relaxing as possible – no more being distracted by your to do list while having your complimentary head massage as they wash your colour out! I was also really pleased to see a very welcoming attitude amongst staff and other customers towards the handful of children that sat on their Mums’ knees while they had their hair done.
Jack and I briefly chatted about the other bain of my life – the dreaded baby hair. There are (sadly ladies) no quick fixes to getting rid of it other than a hefty bout of patience but Jack did recommend a produce from the Kérastase Discipline range called Fluidissime. I took a bottle away and am pleased to report that it is indeed giving my intolerable baby hair a good smack on the bum to stay firmly in place alongside the rest of my now gorgeous (thanks to Jack) locks!

I’m a real stickler for time management in life so the fact that I could combine my hair with a brow tidy and tint is a big bonus to me. I’m really pleased to report that the beauty room at Laura Leigh was fantastic and I came away without my monobrow ready to take to the stage alongside the gorgeous Clemmie last Saturday (you can take a look at some of the pics from the day here.)

If you’re in the market for a new do, a Mum’s day off or just a bit of maintenance (ahem) then make Laura Leigh your go to. The team are fantastic and the service I received was first class.

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