Crimbo Limbo and a New Year Ahead

Crimbo Limbo and a New Year Ahead

This strange interim period between Christmas and New Year is so weird don’t you think?

You start out loving the change of pace and eat and drink yourself stupid. Then a couple of days pass and you get a little restless, another day or so and you either find yourself feeling really excited about what’s to come or feeling reflective about what has been and gone and potentially a bit melancholy. If you’re like me you’ll be desperate for the children to get back to school so that you can sort out the house and get back into a bit of a routine.

Personally I’ve found these last few days really tricky. The CheltenhamMaman whirlwind of the last eighteen months has seen some of the most exciting days and weeks ever for me. I’ve taken such pride in seeing the concept and community grow and from seeing first hand new friendships and MumBoss collaborations that have taken place as a result of it. But there have been times when I’ve been caught up in the frenzy and have worked harder to pull things off than my family could really sustain. Most of you reading this will be Mums and you will know that there is nothing more frustrating as a mother than knowing that you are capable enough to do something but also knowing deep inside that if you really give it your all the people that you really love and care for will suffer. It’s hard not to feel angry that you can’t have it all and at times like these I refer back to one of my favourite blogs ever written for the site – ‘My Life is an Oven’ by Irene Molodstov.

Knowing that I needed to take stock of things back in the Autumn I purposely scheduled a real wind down on the blog and the events front which meant that I could make a decision on what to do professionally without being distracted by a whole heap of future commitments. I’ve really reflected on which parts of the beast I most enjoy, which parts are most valued by the community and also which parts help me keep the kids in new shoes and baked beans! I’ve contemplated giving it all up and getting a part time job, giving some of it up and getting a part time job, packing it all in giving up all luxuries and becoming a stay at home mum and finally taking a deep breath, admitting that I love it and would be forlorn without it and throwing myself back at it.

The end decision….. for another six months at least the final option won out so I’m pleased to report we’re still in business but with a few changes that I hope will drive forward the quality of support, advice and events for mums in Gloucestershire. Many of these changes you won’t even notice as they are rules I have placed upon myself about the kinds of things I will and won’t do and also the amount I allow the blog and it’s associated social media to impact upon my real life. If it’s not still successful with these rules in place in six months time then I know it can’t be a permanent part of my life.

My focus over the next six months will be to really develop the Cheltenham MumBoss Club (and if you’re interested in joining get in touch for a free trial to see what it’s all about), one MumBoss Club and one generic Mum relevant event per month (maximum) and to publish blogs as and when they arise at a much slower rate than you may have been used to.

On a personal rather than a professional front the only dream I have for 2018 is that I start to get a bit more sleep. The Bébé has regressed badly and until you go through extended bad patches of rest you don’t quite realise the extent to which they negatively affect other parts of your life…. you just can’t see things clearly and mistake minor issues for massive ones – for everyone’s sake we all need a bit more kip!

My advice to you all for your New Year’s resolutions. Just make one and make it small. I know a couple of really clever local Mamans who are doing amazing things for the environment this year – rather than being body shamed by the fitness industry why not set yourself a smaller challenge to do something for others rather than improve yourself. Why not just decide that you’re pretty bloody special just the way you are.

Have a very Happy New Year my lovely ladies. Hope you have a great night whether you’re out revelling (good luck with tomorrow’s head) or like me are just praying for a solid six hours kip.





  1. Abi McPherson
    January 1, 2018 / 7:57 pm

    I’m so pleased Cheltenham Maman is continuing! Well done it is amazing what you are doing and don’t under estimate how many people’s lives you are touching. Are there any funding streams you could apply for to cover some of the running costs? Mental health charities, Comic Relief etc. Happy New Year x

    • Kate Starkey
      January 2, 2018 / 5:04 pm

      Ah thanks Abi! I’ve never thought about charities! I did wonder if there would be a grant Beth and I could tap into to help keep Push It Real Good going…. will keep plodding on! Hope you are well x

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