Cotswold Costumes

Cotswold Costumes

Cotswold Costumes is a costume hire company based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. We have around 7000 costumes (adult and children’s) and many more accompanying accessories.

Our costume range is high quality and hugely varied, there is no plastic or throw away costumes here! Everybody can come in and create a unique costume just for them using quality pieces and accessories. We aim to keep prices fair with adults costumes ranging from £15-40 and children’s £8-18 (based on a 1 week hire).

Reasons local mums will love us!

  1. You don’t have to buy a costume each time your children need one! With school trips/plays, Halloween, World Book Day, birthday parties and many more, there always seems to be a new fancy dress costume needed for your child. If you hire from us, then there is no need to buy and store another costume that will never been used again.
  2. Teach your children to be more environmentally conscious and care for their clothing! If you look to buy fancy dress, you’ll find most are 100% polyester, badly made and poor quality. These costumes are only designed for one wear then to be thrown away and end up sitting for years in landfill. Let’s not teach our children that this is the way to treat their clothing, if we teach them to share and recycle clothing early on in their lives, this will become a habit throughout their lifetime. And fancy dress costumes is such a fun way to start teaching them about this topic!
  3. Cheaper than you think! People always worry that hiring a costume will be too costly for them, but that is not the case! In our shop an adult costume ranges between £15-40, and children’s between £8-18! These are often cheaper than it would be to buy, certainly if you add all the accessories needed on top.
  4. Allows you and your children to use (or not use) your creativity! With 7000 costumes to choose from, you and your children can let your imaginations run wild! Or if that’s not your way, you can sit back and let us help you to create exactly what you need! We are very knowledgeable and are confident to mix and match to create unique costumes for everybody. We can easily make more unusual costume choices so your children don’t have to be confined to what the big retailers have decided are ‘this years costume choices’. For example this year for school plays, we created a 10 year old Queen Elizabeth 1, an 8 year Scary Spice and a 7 year old Pantomime Dame!
  5. Better Quality and fit! Our hire costumes are often ex-theatrical, vintage pieces or have been made in-house so the quality is high as they need to last a long time and they are well constructed to fit the body. They can handle any rough and tumble and are carefully repaired to last as long as possible. Also, if you visit us before your event, we can complete minor fit or design alterations, to make your costume absolutely perfect!
  6. Fun day out! Finally and most importantly coming in and trying on hire costumes is great fun! Grab the kids on a rainy day and spend an hour playing dress up!

You cand find out more about Cotswold Costumes by visiting their website which has an excellent FAQ page detailing where they are and how you can go about visiting to select your costumes.

Cotswold Costumes have kindly donated to the CheltenhamMaman Go Red Trek fundraising page in aid of the Eve Appeal in exchange for me telling you all about the brilliant service they offer! You can send me a blog to publish all about your business too this September for just a £20 donation to the fundraising page! Drop me an email to cheltenhammaman@gmail.com to find out more.


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