Conquering Eyeliner

Conquering Eyeliner

Hi everyone

Firstly a little update – Barnaby is now 10 weeks old! It’s crazy how time flies with babies. I know everyone tells you that but I didn’t really appreciate it until it was my turn. Since my last blog, I’ve returned to weddings part-time which is great to keep my business going and have a little time for something different to the daily baby routine but I didn’t expect it to come with such a sense of guilt as well. Ben is a thoroughly involved, modern Dad so the flip side is that he gets some really quality and hands on time with our little man (he also gets to experience being in charge of the not so fun times as well!). Barnaby also has his first cold which is not so fun at night but I’ve perversely enjoyed using the snot sucker which makes it marginally more fun for me (hopefully it makes him feel a bit better too!).

Back to make-up. I had a few requests on conquering eyeliner, it really strikes fear into some people and it’s something we don’t really have the time to practice so can get stuck in a rut or avoid it altogether. Who has time to keep taking their makeup off and restarting?! There are quite a few different looks you can achieve and not all require a steady hand or time to practice.

As usual, I’ll start with a few quick tips…

  • Cotton buds dipped in cleanser are your friend – great to have handy in case of any mistakes/tidy ups
  • Try steadying your hand by resting an elbow on a table. If it all goes wobbly then smudge and smoke out the line instead (more on that later)
  • Use the right product for the look you want and your skill level – liquid eyeliners are not the easiest if you have a shaky hand and just want a quick natural look for example
    • If you use an eyeliner pencil and it’s a bit hard, try warming it up by drawing a` little circle on the palm of your hand a few times
  • Eyeliner in the lower waterline of your eye can make your eyes look smaller so whilst it’s really easy to do I usually advise to avoid it unless you’re doing a full on smokey eye, in which case it’s great for increasing the intensity
  • You can help “set” your liner by going over it with a matching eyeshadow, the powder will help keep it in place

The point of eyeliner is basically to make your eyelashes appear thicker and darker and to enhance the shape of your eyes, so here are a few looks to try.


Great for everyday. Take your eyeliner, I recommend a gel eyeliner like illamasqua with a brush (Maybelline do a decent cheaper alternative), a pencil or a retractable pencil like this one (I love the Black Chocolate colour for a softer black and use it most days). You basically then look down into a mirror and go underneath your lashes and try and colour in the roots (see dodgy picture!). You get a more defined eye but without it looking like you have eyeliner on. Remember the cotton buds in case you get any on your eyelid or something by accident and then apply your mascara.



Use the above tightlining technique first (particularly if you have lighter lashes and then you won’t get visibly lighter “roots”). Again, looking down into the mirror, rest your eyeliner pencil on top of your lashes and create a line along the top lashline. If you struggle with a steady hand then try drawing 4/5 dots along the top of your lashline (as close to your lashes as possible) and then connect the dots. You can have a thin or thick line depending on the look you want. Do this after eyeshadow and before your mascara. I like the gel eyeliner and brush for this one, this Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen also works well (it’s like a pointy felt tip). In terms of good value brushes, I have these Ecotools angled eyeliner brushes in my kit (as I need lots!) and they’re brilliant.



Use the gel eyeliner to tightline and defined lines technique (one eye at a time) then use a smokey eye brush like this to smudge the line out with your eyeshadow. It gives a much softer look and you can blend it with your eyeshadow (powder or cream) to create seamless definition.


The trickier one! You can use the felt tip pen style or liquid eyeliners but I use gel eyeliner with the angled eyeliner brush. To make it easier, make a point up and out from the corner of your eye and make sure they’re even on both sides. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, draw a line up and out towards the point and then back to meet your lashes. Use the shape of your eye as a guide and you’re more likely to get two eyes that match! Make the flick as big as you fancy!

Hopefully you found something useful or some inspiration. If you try something then please do tag me and CheltenhamMaman in your picture! I’d love to see what you try.

Do you have any eyeliner questions or problems? Please ask your questions on the Instagram post and I will do my best to answer them! Please also post any other requests for makeup/beauty posts, oh and your tips for babies with colds! ☺

Elizabeth x

A Guest Blog from Elizabeth Spry

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a freelance make-up artist, trained at the London School of Make-up, specialising in Bridal and Special Occasion make-up. She also offers make-up lessons and makeover parties. Based in Cheltenham, she is also about to become a Mum for the first time in 2017 and lives with her husband Ben and working cocker spaniel Humphrey. Aside from make-up, Elizabeth is keen on fitness and the outdoors and has a very serious shopping habit. Her make-up philosophy is easy, natural and hassle free make-up that helps people to be the best version of themselves. She also volunteers for the Look Good Feel Better charity, which helps women being treated for cancer face the day with confidence.






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