CheltenhamMaman Good Mum Bad Mum Podcast – Meet Claire Robinson, Cotswold blogger at Weekend Candy

Welcome to episode 5 of the podcast! Really loving hearing from those of you who are enjoying it.

CheltenhamMaman Good Mum Bad Mum Podcast

This week I meet Claire Robinson, Gloucestershire based mum of a teenager and travel blogger over at Weekend Candy. Claire and I discuss parenthood (obviously), great places to visit in the UK, her support group for Cotswold bloggers and then moved on to the important topic that is grief. Claire very sadly lost her mum to illness two years ago and her dad just a few months ago. Hopefully Claire’s honesty on the subject will help any of you out there suffering to feel a little less alone.

Links to things we discuss are below!

Claire’s blog about The Fallen Angel, Mousehole

Claire’s blog about the Cotswold destination Log House Holidays 

Longfield Hospice (where Claire accessed bereavement counselling)

Cotswold Water Park

Cotswold Bloggers and Influencers Website 

You can follow Claire on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

If you’re interested in booking The Day of the MumBoss tickets here. 



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