Cheeky Feet in Cirencester

Cheeky Feet in Cirencester

I’m finding myself having to be a bit more selective about the work that I take on these days and constantly have to remind myself that the reason I started this whole thing was to spend more quality time with my family so when an opportunity arises when we can ‘work’ together it’s my favourite kind of job and I jumped at the opportunity to head back over to one of my favourite Gloucestershire towns, Cirencester, to review a dance class for toddlers and preschoolers. Cheeky Feet is run by The Body Workshop Dance.

The class is in Bingham Hall which is easy to find and I parked right outside. So far so good! I’d resisted the temptation to wrestle the Bébé into a cute pink leotard and tutu having learned the hard way that with toddlers it’s probably best just to keep it simple. We met the class leader Michele (who happens to be dance school owner, Katharine’s Mum!) As the attendees arrived we sat in a circle listening to music with a big basket of toys and instruments in the middle for the children to explore. Michele blew bubbles and the whole atmosphere was really welcoming and relaxed and gave the little ones time to suss things out and find their confidence (which they all did no problem!)

Then the children were asked to help tidy up the toys (why do they always find that such a ‘treat’ when they are anywhere that isn’t home?) and the class began.

What does it entail?

  • Lots of singing including Cheeky Feet’s very own song that the children (and mums) all learn by heart as the weeks of classes go on.
  • Relaxed movement – Michele leads the classes but made sure we all knew not to force the children to do any of the moves – each dance had a different focus, some used instruments but the Bébé’s favourite dance was when she was able to pretend to be an airplane and soar through the sky. In fact they all particularly loved that one.
  • Cuddles – yes really! There were a couple of songs where the only movement was cuddling your little one – that was actually my favourite part! Michele and Katharine even had a cuddle!

  • The class finished every week with a drink and a biscuit for the children. They all seem to know to sit nicely and it’s a great treat to finish on.

The class is the perfect length for the busy toddler who (hopefully) tires easily and is the perfect mix of fast and slow, light and shade, so should please all and be the perfect precursor to a relaxed tea and bedtime!

Katharine has only recently taken over ownership of The Body Workshop so she’s keen to get the word out that these classes are on offer and that they are a great way to spend some quality time with your little one. You can trial three classes for just £15. The classes take place on Wednesday  afternoons and are otherwise priced at £62 for a term. She also offers a range of dance classes for older children and even offers a couple of adult classes a week for anyone that fancies giving it a go without the little ones!

You can take a look at what’s on offer at Cheeky Feet at their Facebook Page and find our more about other classes at The Body Workshop Dance’s Facebook page. They are also on Instagram and their new website has just recently gone live!

Thanks to Katharine and Michele for having us! We loved it!

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