Capturing a Feeling

Capturing a Feeling

With the cameras on our phones, it’s so quick and easy to take photos – and we do. Of celebrations, days out, holidays and all of that fun stuff.

But photographing how you FEEL. That’s harder. Remembering how your baby snuggled perfectly your arms, the way your toddler plays with your hair, or the feeling of the breeze as your children run past you. These fleeting moments happen so quickly that they’re gone before we can catch our breath. These are the things that we want to hold onto forever in our hearts.

And these are the things that I love to capture in my photographs.

I am Chui, a Cotswolds based photographer, and Mummy to two little girls, who inspire me everyday. I take natural photos because I want to be able to step back into our memories. I want to remember the everything about my children as they are right now, to watch them discover or zoom around the house, to hear their laughter, or the gentle way that their father holds them.

One of my daughters was admitted to intensive care for a short time when she was very young. It was an experience that initiated my pursuit to capture photos with meaning. I want to remember our real feelings – of joy, connection, chaos and comfort. Photographs are more than just a smile to the camera. They can be healing and comforting in good times and bad.

It comforts me to know that my children will be able to step back into our real memories when we’re not around. I believe that these photos will mean so much more to us in the future. And I strive to do the same for my clients.

If you could freeze time right now, what feelings would you like to remember about this time? What would you like your children to remember about their childhood, and what would you like your children to remember about you?

Let me capture it for you, so that you can treasure these moments forever.


I am currently pregnant and really wanted to have some family shots with the three of us before our little one arrives. She is so patient and really got involved with our toddler making the shoot fun and entertaining for him, he really enjoyed it, and so did we! And for the results, well… They are STUNNING!!!!!!! Chui made all of us feel so relaxed and she truly captured moments and memories that we all love! I feel at my most beautiful and powerful when pregnant, my body is doing what it was made for It makes me feel super body confident, and now I’ve finally managed to capture that, thanks to Chui! Caecilie Jansen

We could not have loved having our family photos taken by Chui more. She has such a natural eye for the special moments that no-one else sees and can get the best out of the most camera shy subject! She came to photograph our home life with newborn twins and our feisty three year old. You can imagine that we felt our life was a bit chaotic and messy and crazy – but she made it look happy and warm and joyful. We always thought a family shoot would be really cheesy, but the photos Chui took were extraordinary, our house looked beautiful, we looked happy, our children looked adorable. It was a day I won’t forget – and we have the photos to always remind us. Thank you Chui for capturing such a special time for us with such care and precision. Emma Johnson

We had a newborn shoot with Chui when our daughter was 11 days old. To have someone in your home with your new baby is a big deal and Chui was absolutely incredible. She put us at ease and we immediately knew we’d picked the right person to take our photographs. We are so pleased with them and can’t recommend Chui highly enough. She is dynamic and talented and passionate about her work. She clearly loves meeting new families and understands how special all the little moments are, and how to capture all the details you don’t want to forget. Katy Ferguson

Chui is an award winning photographer with images published by Vogue Italia, specialising in taking beautifully natural family photos. Find out more about capturing your memories with Chui at www.chuiphotography.co.ukFollow her on Instagram or Facebook

Chai has kindly donated to the CheltenhamMaman Go Red Trek fundraising page in aid of the Eve Appeal in exchange for me telling you all about the brilliant service they offer! You can send me a blog to publish all about your business too this September for just a £20 donation to the fundraising page! Drop me an email to cheltenhammaman@gmail.com to find out more.


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