Business Endorsement

If Mums are your target customers then what better place could there be to try and get your message across to them than being featured on the CheltenhamMaman blog. As the UK Blog Award Winner in the parenting category and now the Digital Woman of the Year in 2017 the blog on CheltenhamMaman is the perfect place to endorse your business.

We understand how hard it is for businesses to be noticed in an industry that is flooded with talented people, products, attractions and services. CheltenhamMaman has been in existence since June 2016 and now has averages more than 500 daily hits with blogs published four to five times per week. The blog has more than 1000 direct subscribers, 14,000 social media followers and is now a reputable source of advice, support and information for a vast community of Gloucestershire parents.

If you would like your product, venue, service or event to be endorsed on CheltenhamMaman take a look at our media kit (2017 Media Pack) and  get in touch to request a price list  and to discuss your requirements and request a quote:

To give you a rough idea of some of the services we offer take a look below…..

  • Sponsor the Podcast! By financially supporting the podcast Kate will read out a one minute segment in each episode your sponsor outlining your business and the services it offers. Price on application.
  • Purchase the banner ad at the top of each page for a fee of £100 for one calendar month.
  • Submit an endorsed blog for publication for £110.
  • Hire CheltenhamMaman to write a blog about your business or service for £150.
  • Hire CheltenhamMamam to arrange a focus group to test out your new product, service or event idea targeted at the mothering community. This service is charged at £200 and the client is expected to meet the cost of venue hire, refreshments and rewarding group participants.
  • Email to discuss a bespoke service and request a quote.