Business Creativity Workshop

Business Creativity Workshop

Hi there lovely mums!  My name is Laura also known as LauraLifeLove. I am a mum, partner, cleaner, specialised puree maker, bad nursery rhyme singer and more importantly a creative business mind and personality. I would like to talk to you honestly and openly about the world of creativity and what you can accomplish through this underestimated part of your personality and mind.

I have never been a massive fan of computers, with the constant updates and programmes to install. I personally prefer to work visually and creatively even in my day to day job.  Working for a global company I spend a lot of my time stood up working on projects creatively whether that be scribbling on a flipchart or drawing my ideas on a whiteboard.   Someone once told me ‘To be creative is to be free with your mind’. I believe this to be true and if you let your mind be free great things can happen I assure you.

Over the last 9 years I have lived in the UK, Germany and Hungary, and with my experience of living and working in these countries I have learnt that no matter what the culture or place businesses can sometimes be very clinical.  Any and everything can be or should be…formatted perfectly!  It can be chopped up, changed and condensed into either a PowerPoint or excel table. I spend a lot of my time doing this day to day and it has become a skill to use certain programmes such as Microsoft Project, PowerPoint and more. But it’s all so repetitive at times and I feel as though this has fast become the ‘new norm’ to work in between a set of guidelines and fonts.  Many people I have spoken to can feel the same. Does this mean you’re more creative? Maybe, but also you could just be bored of staring at a screen for 8 hours a day and that’s ok everyone has those days!

So let’s talk a bit more about ‘Creativity’ and what this means.  The Oxford dictionaries definition is ‘The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness’.   See the key word ‘Inventiveness’?  This is the ‘quality to invent something creatively’.  So it is my belief that if you can tap into your creative mind, you are able to enter a whole world of possibilities enabling you to create something bespoke, completely original and unique to yourself.  For some people creativity and fresh ideas come more naturally but, for others it creates a mind block of ‘Where do I start?’  It may require some tools to help engage your creative mind and play with the endless ideas that overcome you through your passions, your hopes and dreams.

There have been many articles written recently around ‘creative working’.  A recent story published by The Independent tells how women have started to create small creative businesses and no longer choose to work the 9-5. According to Oxford Economics, there are 134,000 small creative businesses in the UK, employing 192,000 people and contributing £3.6bn gross value to the UK economy. 1 in 40 UK businesses is a small creative business. I genuinely feel that everyone has the ability to be creative and it is a free skill that you sometimes forget about or may not class as an asset to your personality. So why not start today? Get creative and try something new!

Laura is currently running her ‘Business Creativity Workshop’ designed to get your creative juices flowing by using her bespoke toolbox to set yourself up for success, through engaging and developing business ideas.  Laura has an introductory offer of £30pp (normally £35) for her next workshop taking place on the 8th of July.  To book a place please visit her website.


An Endorsed Guest Blog from Laura Dean

About Laura 

Hi All! I’m Laura, 27 and first time mum to the beautiful Baby Ro. I’m a pretty laid back person and I like the simple things in life you know like, a great wood burner in the winter and a summer hike with an amazing view. I have a crazy love for pancakes and afternoon tea put them together even better. I have a big personality which has led me to live and work abroad in Europe for the last few years; however one of my biggest loves is the Cotswolds.  On returning to the UK I have settled in Cheltenham and created the LauraLifeLove brand, which is the hub for my ‘Business creativity workshop’ where I offer support and creative guidance to people with Business ideas.  It also features short and honest posts regarding Food/Travel/Motherhood …Do have a gander and follow/like me on Facey and Insta!




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