Breathe new life into your used car seat or pushchair.

Breathe new life into your used car seat or pushchair.

One of the most satisfying things to hear from parents is that we’ve resurrected a pushchair or car seat that was otherwise destined for landfill and made it usable again.

The inspiration for The Sparkling Pushchair Company, came from an (admittedly optimistic) trip to shed one day, to dust off the pushchair for baby number two, only to discover it was now supporting its own eco-system and was sporting a decidedly different shade to its glory days seen in the photos of our first born.

It’s fair to say that our first though was our bank balance, but then second came the pure wastefulness of throwing this away and buying new. So we started to research options.

That was nearly 3 years ago, and we’ve recently just cleaned our 200th pushchair.

The materials used for modern pushchairs and car seats are very durable, and with a combination of high temperature, the right equipment and experience, these items can be hygienically restored to their original condition.

Reviews make us happy 🙂

“Absolutely fantastic service and the results were out of this world! Highly recommend using the sparkling pushchair company! My travel system looks brand new! Thank you.” Vicky

“Just had my Bugaboo travel system back and I can’t stop smelling it. it’s so clean and it looks brand new!! Can’t wait to put baby in it now!” Alicia

“Great service. Pushchair was good as new, despite mould and mildew spots from being sat in an outside passage for 2 years!” Simon

“Received my pushchair back ready for baby #2 which I wanted to get cleaned, and can’t recommend this company enough!” Claire

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Whether you’re looking to refresh old kit for a new arrival, clean items for selling on or trying to stay on top of the wayward banana/yoghurt/[insert-innocuous-but-seemingly-invincible-snack-item-here], we can collect your pushchair, car seat or travel system and deliver it back to you, sparkling new.

If you’re within 10 miles of Cheltenham there’s free collection and delivery

For more information or to book a pushchair or car seat clean visit www.thesparklingpushchaircompany.co.uk, quote ‘CHELTENHAMMAMAN’ for 10% off for bookings made before 31st October 2019.

The Sparkling Pushchair Company have kindly donated to the CheltenhamMaman Go Red Trek fundraising page in aid of the Eve Appeal in exchange for me telling you all about the brilliant service they offer! You can send me a blog to publish all about your business too this September for just a £20 donation to the fundraising page! Drop me an email to cheltenhammaman@gmail.com to find out more.


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