Booting it Around My Beloved Town

Booting it Around My Beloved Town

Wow last week was crazy busy! But actually so much fun to get to play shops, meet so many incredible Mamans and support some local MumBosses and actually head out the door each morning to what felt like a ‘real’ job safe in the knowledge that it was only a temporary thing. I LOVE Maman Goes Pop! and I got the impression that lots of you do too – which is marvellous.

It’s safe to say I’ve been struggling with my wardrobe this last eighteen months while I’ve adjusted to life as a full time working mum in a job where I needed to set a smart example to represent my employer to now being at home most of the time but also in the public eye for a good chunk of it. I need to be relatable and practical but what girl doesn’t enjoy jazzing things up from time to time – I’m a big lover of wearing some great basics but wowing them up with a bit of sparkle or shimmer or an amazing pair of shoes.

I’ve also become a huge fan of small businesses and ideally local small businesses. Having met many of the faces behind so many of the retailers that are unique to Cheltenham I can officially confirm that it really is true that every time you shop from a small business a person does a happy dance.

I find dressing in the summer easier for some reason. I think it’s as in my mind I’ve always been a surfer girl (anyone seen the new Baywatch… yep I’m just like the blonde one, CJ is it?…… in my head anyway) but now I’ve had all my hair cut off I’m edging towards more of an urban chic look for Autumn Winter. My skinny (and ever so comfy around the mumtum) skinny jeans from Bodega fashion in Suffolk Parade make an appearance most days and I’ve found an array of comfortable tops to go with them.

Kate Evans and I managed to cram in a super speed style consultation recently and I learned that despite always wanting to cover up my larger than average bust with high necks I actually need to embrace a v- neck or a scoop to flatter the girls rather than make them look like a shelf. A couple of the v-neck tops on sale at the pop up from Bodega were perfect for me and are now firmly in my wardrobe.

Then let’s talk about the boots. These babies are from Keith Scarrott and they are a big deal and I was all kinds of giggly school girl happy to bring them home with me a few weeks ago. Now they aren’t cheap but then quality never is and I can really tell that these ones will see me through several seasons and I was on my feet all day for six of the last seven days with these puppies on and they really have been super comfy.

I’m very excited about the wardrobe opportunities going forward that these boots are going to bring me…. they match those skinny jeans perfectly with a swanky top for daytime events. They will go with my black dungarees and a Maman tee shirt for ambling round the park chasing the Bébé or leading Push It walks, my faux leather skirt and black tights make the perfect evening look and I can even see them working on comfy home days with a pair of leggings and a long chunky cardigan. That’s a capsule wardrobe right there is it not?

So what am I trying to tell you with this blog? Shop small and shop local. We are so lucky to have some incredible independent businesses on our doorstep and by supporting them when you can you are helping to strengthen our community.

Here’s some of the other options online at Keith Scarrott.

For free delivery use the code Cheltenham Maman. 














I hope you can find your perfect pair!


These boots were gifted to me but I chose them from a selection as I absolutely love them. My views and recommendations in this blog are my own.





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