Blue Skies and Spring Smiles

Blue Skies and Spring Smiles

Every year I blog about it. I’m never quite prepared for just how glum the endless cold and grey skies can make me feel in the winter! Next year I need to get a massive neon print framed and put above my mantel place – ‘you only feel like this because you can’t spend enough time outside!’

It’s not that I don’t like winter – cosy knits, kids in onesies, hot chocolates – I’m all over all of that – but parenting small (and not so small) children in limited daylight hours without easy access to large spaces where they can let off steam is HARD.

So here we are again and Spring is springing and I’m full of a bit more joy than I was a month ago. I’m excited for everything – this really is the best time of year as you know it only gets better from here.

This is also the time of year when we all start to change over our winter wardrobes and let in a bit more colour, the odd bare ankle here and there and that’s not just for the grown ups – children too! The Marie Kondo craze is all about doing that seasonal refresh and making sure you’re only bringing things into your life that spark joy.

Girls Duck Applique Dress from Cotswold Baby Co

Lots of you will know that I’m not shopping for myself at all this year in a bid to get a bit more mindful about what I consume. I will be honest and say that I’m managing the cold turkey effectively of this partly by getting joy from dressing the Cheltenham Bébé up! The only problem is that she’s at that stubborn age where she won’t do anything I suggest so I have to casually leave the outfit I’d like her to wear at the front of her wardrobe so she can just stumble upon it and think it was entirely her choice – cunning no?

This spring we’re delighted to jointly be showcasing some of the new season offerings from MumBoss business, Cotswold Baby Co. I didn’t manage to get the little lady to brush her hair (honestly I don’t know how mothers of true child models do it) but she was happy to prance about showcasing these stunning cotton rich items of spring clobber!

Cotswold Baby Co is run by local Mamans Rachael and Kate and it’s been going from strength to strength in the couple of years since they launched. Like any great MumBosses they are constantly striving to improve their business offering and new this season they now stock Kite, the organic brand with bold bright prints and designs. The sizing is generous which means it last a while! Rachael and Kate are also always looking for more brands to expand their collection

They have also just launched another of their own designs, to add to the Bertie Polo t-shirt. The team have worked with Cheltenham based illustrator Verity Robson who has designed this awesome horse t-shirt in response for customer demand for gender neutral offerings. They are also adding to this with a range of “little cub”, “little lamb” designs later in the Spring.

The ladies are also hugely grateful to the local support offered to them by Mamans of the Cotswolds so are offering you guys an exclusive 15% off full price items until the end of April using the code MAMAN15 at checkout. You can start shopping here.

Also while I’m singing their praises do get ready for their upcoming brand rep search (starting in April) when they will be looking for more little cubs to spread the word about their amazing range. Current ambassadors are local lovelies at Steph Loves Honey, Meg Youdan and Emilia Loves Mummy!

So enjoy the longer days, enjoy any sunshine that comes your way and brighten your life by treating your children to some locally sourced clobber they’ll choose to wear all by themselves!

Spring is springing. Hoo Flipping Ray!


This is a paid partnership with Cotswold Baby Co


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