Being a mummy to Five children at Christmas time…

Being a mummy to Five children at Christmas time…
It is a truly wonderful time when it’s nearly Christmas and you have five excited children. Well, four older children and a one year old that acts just as excited as the rest just to join in with the fun.

Every year I love how magical the lead up to Christmas is. Going through the endless lists of presents from each child, hearing them say “Just twenty three days to go” and “Oh I forgot this on my list” and so on just to add to the excitement.

Christmas was so special to me as a child. The special list to Santa and picking everything out of catalogues, the Christmas songs playing in all the shops from late November time and in the car on the way to school. Watching Christmas movies on cosy nights, cuddled up on the sofa with my parents or the carol singing with my sisters while we all sat around the Christmas tree.

Now it’s my turn as a parent to make sure my children have the best Christmas memories to remember as they grow older and maybe, when they’re old enough, do their own blogs on.

But with the happy times there comes the sad, the realisation that it gets harder each year. Not only the expense of Christmas but it’s even harder to keep the magical experience going with a twelve year old daughter. She is now in senior school and knows that mummy is Santa and my eleven year old daughter, in her last year at primary school, coming home and telling me “I know Santa isn’t real.’ It breaks me to know the children are finding out so much more earlier than I remember.

Luckily I have two sons aged nine and five that can carry on the magic and my one year old son also. But, this is also proving to be so much more harder when your daughters are trying to be so grown up and adult about it all… I’m literally on egg shells that they will say things too loud or that the boys will overhear them.

These next twenty three days can’t come quickly enough. All the panic and stress is definitely worth it in the end, to see the children so happy on Christmas day. I’m sure there are lots of other mothers and fathers in the same boat each year, having to juggle the ever changing expectations of Christmas.

A Guest Blog from Kelly Pargeter

About Kelly

Kelly is a thirty year old mum to five beautiful children. She has been married to her husband for twelve years and people often think they are crazy having so many children. However, having come from a big family, Kelly loves having a large brood is proud to be continuing the tradition of having a big family for another generation. Kelly enjoys spending most of her time making memories with her children and husband whilst also caring for her mother.

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