Bea Embroidery

Bea Embroidery

My sewing business, Bea Embroidery, came about when I was on maternity leave with my eldest daughter, 5 years ago. Having been given a free motion foot for my machine, I thought Iʼd give the craft a go.

I quickly fell in love with the freedom it gave me in sewing. Mistakes turned into art, skipped stitches looked great and it made me let go of ‘perfectionʼ.

Through the years, I expanded from cards to pillows to framed embroidery but as my mental health deteriorated, so did my drive to sew. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and OCD and through CBT, learnt that Iʼd given up on myself, and my sewing, because I truly didnʼt believe I was good enough.

Over time, I built up the courage to get back on my machine and now my confidence in my ability to embroider is soaring.

I love using free motion to ‘writeʼ in calligraphy and in doing this, make beautiful one off pieces. I make hoops with childrenʼs names, surrounded by hand drawn flowers, animals or anything else they may love.

Other hoops I specialise in are ones of your home and wedding/ anniversary gifts. Iʼve even had the privilege of stitching peopleʼs pets.

Anything is possible with a needle and thread and I hope that if youʼre after something a little different for a gift, youʼll look towards Bea Embroidery.

You can find out more about Bea Embroidery by visiting their Etsy page  . Or just head over to Instagram.

Bea Embroidery have kindly donated to the CheltenhamMaman Go Red Trek fundraising page in aid of the Eve Appeal in exchange for me telling you all about the brilliant service they offer! You can send me a blog to publish all about your business too this September for just a £20 donation to the fundraising page! Drop me an email to cheltenhammaman@gmail.com to find out more.


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