Be any kind of Maman you like…. just don’t be lonely.

Be any kind of Maman you like…. just don’t be lonely.

I’ve written before about how different my mothering experience has been this time round with the Bébé compared to the eldest CheltenhamEnfant who turned 15 this week! 15…. that’s hit me like a truck!

I still see lots of women rock up to the Push It Real Good walks (that I run with Beth at The Bump to Baby Chapter) who are struggling to find new mum mates and it makes me so sad. Even worse is the people who feel too nervous to come to the walks in case they have no one to talk to. It reminds me of how lonely I was first time round and how even though I was so in love with my babies and adored spending time with them, the long (like really long) days just one on one, or one on two (even three) with people who can’t properly converse, really took their toll on my mental health.

The friends that you make when you are a mum of young kids are unique. Sometimes you won’t have that much in common and those friendships will come and go – that’s ok – not all friendships last forever (I’ve written about that before) but if there was a specific tool available to help you find mums mates who like the same thing as you; wouldn’t that be a marvellous thing!

Well my loves we live in 2017 and of course that tool now exists. In fact a couple exist but there is one I’ve been particularly impressed by and think you should take a look at.

Peanut is an app for mamans and mamans-to-be to chat, meet up with, and learn from like-minded women. Recognising the need for real-life connections between women at similar life stages who share common interests and location, Peanut is designed to give women a network and I think this tool combined with real life get togethers such as the Push It Walks and my other events are the perfect combination for a happy mothering experience, a reduction in the chances of suffering from loneliness and post natal depression and finding mums who you have something in common with other than the fact you are working hard to keep small people alive.

Tinder for mums? Well perhaps, but here’s an idea. If you’re newly pregnant or have small kids; download the app (works from your phone or tablet) and suggest a date at one of our Push It Walks with a likeminded Mum – you’ve then killed two birds with one stone – you have a date with a potential new mate at a venue where you know everyone will be welcoming and your kids, bumps, buggies et al will be made to feel super welcome.

I’d love to hear which ‘packs’ you choose from when you select the kinds of Mums you’re looking to connect with. I went for ‘Mum Boss’, ‘Wine Time’ and ‘Fashion Killa’ though I think I may need to rethink the last one! For me I want to meet mums who are interested in talking about more than just their children as after all motherhood is an adventure in the life of a woman; the best chapter in her book, but not the only one.

Motherhood isn’t always a walk in the park (I mean we can’t do Push It Walks every day), but surrounding yourself with like-minded women who ‘get it’ makes it that bit easier
. So come join me on Peanut – can’t wait to see your ‘waves’ hello!



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