Battery Recharge

Battery Recharge

I always knew I was going to be super busy in September so when I was offered the chance to squeeze in a quick Sunday night stay at local Cotswold stunner The Painswick Hotel I quickly checked my amazing Mum could have the kiddos and we were booked in.

With Fashion Reboot on the Friday night it was safe to say I was suitably in need of a battery recharge so I wasn’t too sad to wave goodbye to the kids on Sunday lunchtime.

I was amazed at how accessible the hotel is – I always imagined Painswick was miles away from Cheltenham but it’s actually only about fifteen minutes from the M5 so we arrived in no time and checked straight in. Our room did not disappoint at all.


Huge bed, enough pillows and cushions to infuriate all those grumpy men who don’t understand the point of them but to make all us girls (for whom there is no such thing as too many cushions) smile. Coffee machine, well stocked mini bar, freshly baked madeleines, Ren skincare products and uninterrupted views across the Slad valley.

We had a quick coffee and set off for a little walk. The hotel has a games room with lots of gorgeous rolled up scrolls detailing various walks of different lengths. We discussed a five mile walk, then we discussed a three mile walk, then we noticed that the sun had come out and that the sun terrace was looking pretty inviting so we agreed on a one and a half mile walk. We got lost (despite having a map) – but that was part of the fun and we ogled over some incredible houses along our ramble – all the #housegoals.

Pretty much all walks from the hotel will end by hiking up a hill which is perfect as it means you’ve built up a hell of a thirst when you arrive back and the bar is ready and waiting. We enjoyed a seriously luxurious hour or so in the September sunshine reading the Sunday papers and sipping an afternoon drink. It felt really, really naughty as it was such a change to our usual Sunday schedule which is about achieving as many of the jobs on our domestic list as possible whilst also squeezing in some valuable family time.

Then nap time. Obviously. Followed by bath…. in that rolltop. Dreamy.


Then dinner. The restaurant is really tastefully done – it’s intimate without being cramped and the decor is perfect. We ate way too much bread and he had the steak (predictable) while I had the stone bass and Cornish mussels. Delicious and just the right amount. We followed that up with creme brulée and cheese. Are we too predictable? If so I don’t even care. It was perfect.


Now let’s not forget this is a Sunday night so no nightcaps sadly just an early night, but if we had been in the mood for after dinner drinks their bar was also a great space to while away an hour or two and the barman was a really nice guy (who remembered all night long that I ruin my Sauvignon Blanc wine with ice.)

Uninterrupted sleep is a miraculous thing that you take for granted until you have young children. The alarm sadly went off at 7am  but when you’ve had a solid eight hours does it even matter? While James got organised for work (yep – that’s cold) I lolled about in bed. I made the executive decision that getting up and organised was not what I needed in that particular moment and the bedside info leaflet informed me that breakfast in your room was never a problem. We ordered a greedy selection from the menu and when it came it was perfect – I loved the addition of passionfruit in the fruit salad.

James zoomed off to work and I was left with my laptop, my bed and coffee on tap. This Mamans is the shit that we dream of and it was every bit as good as I needed it to be.

Only one piece of constructive criticism for The Painswick – perhaps robes in the bedroom would just finish off the experience…?

So if you’re not from Gloucestershire and are dreaming of a night away make this your destination (they do a free transfer from Stroud train station). If you are from Gloucestershire and you’re dreaming of a night away… keep it simple and make this your destination.

Everyone needs a battery recharge every now and again and actually a Sunday night was a perfect time to grab it. Generally you’ll get a better deal on a room on a Sunday than you would on a Friday or Saturday.

To find out more about The Painswick visit their website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Though we were gifted our stay we paid in full for dinner and drinks and all opinions are my own. 



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