Baking, Babies and Business

Baking, Babies and Business

A Guest Blog Post from Sophie Liggat

Home Caking Business and Kids…… Easy Right?

When I first set up The Cheltenham Cakery I had no idea that my part time cake obsession would one day be generating the lions share of my salary.

Now, 5 years down the line I’m still Caking and have two gorgeous girlies that share mine and Hubby’s (man child’s) life. To some, including my friends, I have it all – at home with the girls (currently on maternity) but have my business so can carry on at leisure.


Wrong: yes the kitchen, laptop and phone are all at my fingertips but have you tried to make delicate Sugarpaste flowers for a four tier wedding cake with a 2 year old hanging off your leg? Baking or doing admin with a baby screaming? So whilst it’s great to have my home business the reality is it’s all done when the darlings are in bed – after we’ve had dinner and tidied up the whirlwind that appears to have gone off in the living room. Staying current on social media or replying to emails is mainly done whilst nipping to the loo, or when the girls snooze.

Is it worth it? Totally, the 2am finishes, early mornings and Saturdays spent delivering & setting up Wedding Cakes do take their toll but I’m now up for ‘Best Wedding Cake Maker in the Cotswolds’ at The Cotswolds Awards and as the girls grow and move into their school years I hope to then be able to ‘work around them’ having put the ground work in now building a presence. Wouldn’t it be easier to get a part time job and put the girls in nursery? – probably but sometimes you just have to keep ploughing on to do something for you. This is my sanity. And like the ‘Wonder Weeks’ I know it won’t last for ever. Besides I want my girls to grow up knowing that hard work pays off and be an inspiration to them.


As a busy mum I’ve observed the stress that my fellow mums feel when it comes to children’s birthdays – thankfully I’m still at the little family gathering stages with the girls but I dread when they get to pre-school and school age and I’ll have to organise a ‘proper’ party.

Parents tend to ring me in a panic, I need a cake for this weekend or i need a cake for tomorrow! …. often I’m fully booked but also for those mums on a budget my bespoke Cakery can be alittle out of reach.

So if you want to get creative and avoid supermarket buys (and because they are great to bake with children too!)  I’ve popped a few useful links to recipes that I swear by for producing quick and easy cakery, perfect for busy Mamans, see my top tips for how to go the extra mile and change these from great to gorgeous and you’ll be the talk of the playground!

Cupcakes – https://thecheltenhamcakery.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/perfect-vanilla-cupcakes/

Cake Pops –https://thecheltenhamcakery.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/creating-basic-cake-pops-the-cakery-way/


  • Its all about the packaging – cake pops can be individually cellophane wrapped and when tied with cute ribbon and/or a little tag attached with either a name or short message make these a great option for party bags or little thank you gifts
  • Want super cute cupcakes? Using food safe glue attach a small non-edible bow in a contrasting colour to the front of the cupcake case (only suitable for older children)
  • Need party ideas – bake cupcakes and then set up a ‘cupcake decorating station’ allowing each child to decorate their own cupcake, box up for them to take home – don’t blame me for the mess though!
  • Make a display of them:
    • Make a hedgehog out of oasis, cover with tissue paper and decorate with eyes, nose etc then place the cake pops on its back like spines
    • Arrange cupcakes in the shape of the hungry caterpillar, then decorate with buttercream accordingly

If you’ve given any of these a go let me know and tweet me a picture @thecheltcakery or post on the facebook page The Cheltenham Cakery i’d love to see you guys rock at these.


Happy Caking!



About Sophie


Sophie is a Cheltenham Mum of two currently juggling maternity leave with running a very busy cake making business. You can follow The Cheltenham Cakery on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and you can also visit their website.


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