Baby No 2 is on the Way …1 problem…2 problems

Baby No 2 is on the Way …1 problem…2 problems

It all started in September, my implant had run out so I had to have it removed. My anxiety levels had risen to a new high, just to have  this little stick removed. The doctor and nurse were in the room with me and they could both see how much I was stressing! When it comes to anything involving needles or blood I loose myself. I’ve had a baby, I’ve been through that experience, but needles are something else! I automatically start getting teary, my hands go sweaty, my breathing becomes rapid and sometimes I even have to do proper breathing exercises to try and calm myself down… Such a DRAMA QUEEN! Luckily, it was removed very quickly and even before I could say ‘I’m ready now’, the nurse was banding my arm and the doctor was telling me what to do for the next 24 hours.

My boyfriend, Herbert, and I decided that we wouldn’t “plan” when to try for a baby, I wasn’t going to have an ovulation tracker or track my periods. We decided we were going to let it happen when it happened. I also wanted to make sure that “baby making” didn’t feel like a job or that it had to be done at a particular date or time. I didn’t want to summon my man when the alarm goes off for baby making time!

After having the implant removed I found it hard when I had symptoms that I might have been pregnant e.g. feeling sick, tired and bloated. But, I always waited for ‘mother nature’ to arrive because I knew if I did a test I would get our hopes up and then feel deflated if it turned out it was just my body getting back into a routine.

Christmas passed and we had just welcomed 2017. My family and I were able to have quality time over the festive period, but now my boyfriend was back to work and our son was back at school. I was at home and browsing through my diary and I saw that I was about 4-6 days late. 3 days later, still nothing and my body was definitely giving me signs that this could be ‘it’. Not to go into too much detail but my boobs had turned into boulders; they were so sore and tender that even just hugging was painful and stung! I stared at myself in the mirror thinking.. yeah there’s something very different going on.

It was a Saturday morning in January and I decided to go to the shop to get a pregnancy test. It was early in the morning so I left my Herbert sleeping. I’d never felt so nervous. Not just that, but when you’re not telling people you’re trying for a baby and you go to get a test you don’t want to be seen – avoid the awkward questions and exchange of looks!

WOW, waiting for two lines to appear, why does it feel like it takes eternity? I left it five minutes, went back into the bathroom and gasped… there they were, two little pink lines…


Hebert started to stir and wake up. The first thing he saw was me, standing in the bedroom, eyes filling with tears, holding the stick! “Babe, I’m pregnant! I’m actually pregnant!”. Now, he was still half asleep, so emotions weren’t very high. We just lay down and he held me whilst I blubbered because I was so happy and just couldn’t believe it.

As it was still very early days we didn’t tell family or friends… well I say that but I had to tell my sister in law and Herbert did tell his two best friends, but that was it. Now, even though we were trying for a baby and we knew what was going to happen, we both kept thinking “We’re having a baby, are we ready?” I know that sounds really odd, but I think it was because we didn’t expect to get pregnant so soon!

Over the next few days I booked myself in with the midwife and started preparing myself for what was to come over the coming months.

It was a Monday morning and I was 8 weeks gone, Herbert had already gone to work and I woke up feeling uncomfortable. I took some paracetamol and went back to sleep. About an hour later I woke up again, this time with horrible cramping and something wasn’t feeling right. I went to the toilet and realised that I had been bleeding.

My heart sank and I immediately started crying hysterically. I rang Herbert to tell him that I was fearing the worst. Unfortunately, he was unable to come homes o I waited until the doctor’s surgery opened and got booked in. I had to go in the next day to have a scan done. That was a horrible period of time, knowing that I could have lost our baby but I would have to wait to find out.

The next morning, we went over to the hospital and sat in a waiting room full of expectant parents, some with little babies already. I have to admit, it was very hard being in that room. We were called in and waited for the scan to be done. The nurse started scanning me, I was tearing up and getting emotional. I did everything I could not to look at the screens during the scan because I didn’t want to see the results with my own eyes.

Herbert looked at me and smiled very softly. I was thinking ‘What are you smiling for?’, ‘This isn’t a happy moment’. Then, the nurse turned her screen round. “There it is, and there is your heartbeat, everything is fine”. A wave of emotion flooded through me and I burst into tears of happiness and relief. That’s why Herbert had been smiling!

So we could start thinking about when we were going to tell people and planning the arrival of the baby. We got to our twelve week scan, and we were so excited. However, whilst I was being scanned, I felt a sharp, stabbing pain every time the scanner was  pressed down on my stomach.

I was asked if I was ok, explaining that my stomach was really tender and the added pressure of the scanner was making me cramp and ache. It got to a point where it was so painful that I became tearful. I was advised to ring my GP just to be checked over and make sure everything was ok.

I got to my doctor’s appointment a few days later and the pain hadn’t gone away, I was finding it hard to walk or stand up straight. The doctor examined me and explained  the pain may be being caused by a hernia! A hernia is one of the last things you want to deal with while pregnant. I was sent for additional scans where another doctor thought it was an incarcerated hernia. I was told to get packed up and head to hospital where I would need surgery!

Hearing all this while pregnant was definitely not what I wanted.  Herbert drove me to the hospital, I was unable to eat or drink which was horrible especially when I was feeling sick 24/7.  Long story short, I ended up being sent home because even though I had scans showing a possible hernia, the doctors at the hospital were not convinced and were advising it was just the pregnancy.

I have been back and forth with stomach pain ever since and have been in and out of hospital. I am now 23 weeks and still suffering with the pain. The doctors are now advising it’s just the ligaments stretching, and to take pain relief.

Hopefully this is the last problem to deal with during this pregnancy…

A guest blog from Gina Minchin

About Gina

Gina is 28 years old and lives with her partner of 7 years, Herbert and their 6 year old son, Charlie. She is currently going through pregnancy no 2 and is due in September. While being at home, Gina enjoys spending time with family and friends, spending time on her new blog and going on Instagram and Pinterest. She also loves to bake and binge watch The Big Bang Theory.

You can read Gina’s blog – The Mummy Minch Memories.


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