Baby it’s Cold Outside

Baby it’s Cold Outside

I suspect most of you are starting to feel a little christmassy like me but also a little frenzied. It seems like every spare second between now and the big day has been allocated to some family get together and every friendship circle you belong to will no doubt be planning a christmas get together.

If you’ve got small children the one thing you will definitely be trying to hoof in to your packed schedule is a trip to see the big man. If you find the right spot and get the right Santa (though in our house we are ‘Father Christmas’ people) you’ll see that little light switch on behind your child’s eyes and your heart will do that funny thing when it just melts and for a few moments you completely forget the twenty five loads of laundry waiting to be folded at home and the fact that you’ve just discovered an out of date passport several weeks before a flight (#mfl.)

I was invited to Over Farm to experience their christmas experience for little ones. Only problem was my little one is a touch too little to know what’s going on and the big ones didn’t even want to help decorate the tree this year (sob.) So I borrowed a family and tagged along with my camera.


Over’s christmas experience starts with a ride around the farm on their tractor and trailer which has been kitted out to give a christmassy feel. Merry Christmas the very pretty (dads take note) elf talks you through what she and Father Christmas have been up to in the lead up to christmas and encourages you to spot stockings dotted around the farm. I’m always impressed with the quality of actors at Over – this was no exception.


The ride lasts for ten minutes or so and on disembarkation you meet another elf who takes you in to see the big man himself. Again, a very likeable Santa. His nose was suitably rosy, his belly suitably round and his wig didn’t look like it had been stuck on with sticky back plastic.


He told a lovely tale, handed out some tokens to good boys and girls and a professional photographer was on hand to take a snap of that twinkly eye moment (photos later available to purchase for £5 each… I know, I know but it’s christmas.)

Elvin (or Alvin?) the elf (not the chipmunk) then collected the children one by one and helped them to pick out a toy from the workshop. A reasonable selection of circus toys, cuddly toys, fairy wings (I would have had the fairy wings) for your tinies to spend an age choosing (though my friend Oscar was extremely decisive which made me like him even more.)


Father Christmas is taking every weekend out of his busy christmas schedule to hang out at Over Farm and you can book your tickets to see him here. 





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