Are you an Influencer?

Are you an Influencer?

The word influencer has now become a very popular word used in daily rhetoric. At the Infiltrend headquarters, we also use this word too often in a day and anyone who works in marketing surely has heard this word too.

“But what is all the buzz” we hear you ask?

If you manage a brand, a lot of time is spent on finding ways to communicate and advertise to your customers and potential customers. However, this is getting harder to do.

Think of the last time you watched TV (i.e. not Netflix) and were interrupted by a TV advert. Most likely, this is when you locked your eyes on your mobile or tablet and drowned out any background noise. You also possibly, have adblocks on your desktop and most of us seem to have them installed into our subconscious too. I often find that I automatically ignore sponsored posts and digital ads. So yes, communicating with customers is becoming more and more challenging.

This is where influencers come in. 

Influencers are individuals or groups who, through blogs or social media profiles, create content and share it. They have created a following surrounding their lifestyle, their personality or their authority on a particular topic. Their audience, have chosen to follow and to engage and therefore consume their content without mental ad blockers.

Brands are picking up on this. Influencers have direct communication with their customers and potential customers. And so we have the rise of influencer marketing and the micro influencer. Micro influencers (so anybody with a following of 5,000-100,000) are in high demand due to their authentic relationship with a devoted audience. The authenticity and trust the influencers have built with their audience is far more credible than a celebrity endorsement.

Ok so maybe I am an influencer, what next?

As an influencer, you should understand that what you have created is valuable to brands. Brands want to work with you. You have prime real-estate that brands want to rent and hang up a huge sign on the front of it.

When working with brands, though, always remember who your audience is. Choose a brand that fits your influencer identity but also your audience. At Infiltrend, we suggest that whilst you should work with brands, you need to keep a very good balance with producing authentic genuine posts that are not sponsored. Otherwise, your audience will quickly begin to use their mental ad blocker.

Infiltrend will help you discover brands but also learn how to manage them. When you run campaigns using Infiltrend, we measure the engagement you have received. Whether you share a campaign on your blog, or your social media platforms, you will see the engagement that campaign received on your Infiltrend profile.

And if I am a brand reading this?

Great, well you should now understand the importance of adopting an influencer marketing strategy.

Before engaging influencers, think of the scope behind working with an influencer, what is your goal? Next think of the influencer fit. Understand who your customer is and who they are listening to. Work with influencers that align with this.

Infiltrend will help you discover influencers with different audiences and different skills. The influencers are creating content for you therefore you must select influencers with different skills. Look for those with a strong blog, a great Instagram feed or cool Facebook profile and mix it up.

So who am I and who is Infiltrend?

I am Francesca, the founder of Infiltrend.

Infiltrend is an influencer-marketing platform. We connect brands and influencers together through out platform. We have the tools to allow brands to create campaign briefs and send them to their chosen influencers. They will then work their magic; turn the campaign briefs into branded content and share across blogs and social media platforms. Infiltrend tracks the engagement each campaign receives for both the brand and the influencer to measure the success of the campaign.

Infiltrend is also an agency and can take full control of an influencer marketing campaign from creation, management and implementation.

Follow Infiltrend on Facebook or Instagram or email Francesca on Francesca@infiltrend.com.


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