Accessories are a girl’s best friend

Accessories are a girl’s best friend

Happy New Year Everyone, how is that New Year New You stuff going? If like me your dry January was more like a Dry London Gin – then cheers! But for those of you that did stick to the plan you have achieved such a wonderful goal and I bet you’re feeling so much better for it and a tad smug, well done, you deserve it!

Now regardless of whether you’re still sitting on the sofa in your gym kit pretending you’re going to do double spin or if you’ve had to go out and buy a smaller pair of leggings because the old ones are now too big, you still need to get that kit off and put actual real clothes on at some point, what items cheer us up and don’t put us into a crazed state of mind when contemplating the changing room?

Being a personal stylist I get to meet all kinds of mamas but the story is always the same, What’s happened to me? Can I still wear that? Can I still shop there? Will my husband divorce me if I start wearing something new/different/fashionable?

My answer is always ‘baby steps’ but there is one way of upping your game in an instant and lifting your mood and it doesn’t require trying to get into a pair of skinny jeans in strip lighting in front of bad mirrors.

Accessories…. They are your fast and painless way to update your wardrobe but strangely so many of my clients pay attention to these things least, they are more likely to go shopping and buy a quick glitzy top that they will never wear but in that moment it makes them feel better, a few times making this mistake and you’ve got a wardrobe full of “NOTHING TO WEAR”.

You can get away with a very basic capsule wardrobe and just manipulate different looks by adding different accessories. I’ve always been a big fan of a metallic shoe, boot, bag, clutch, wallet and even business card holder. I love the fun that comes from adding metallic and although they are a bit of a man repeller a metallic bag or shoe go with everything, thus making that age old mantra of ‘cost per wear’, poetry in motion.

I am also a big believer that best is for everyday, what are you waiting for? Life is for living each day to the fullest and having no regrets, if you are lucky enough to have beautiful things they are not beautiful if they are sitting in a box not seeing the light of day.

If you don’t have an array of rocks then buy some costume jewellery that reflects the fashion trends you most want to wear but you’re not fully ready to embrace.

Accessories can really dictate how your outfit is perceived. You can be wearing a simple dress, throw on a leather or denim jacket and a pair of trainers and it’s casual, pop on some heels and a bling necklace and you’re set to go ‘out’  and dare I say it ‘out out’.

Top accessory tips

Fresh Kicks

Keep your trainers fresh, if you have converse and they look like they have seen better days, pop them in the washing machine you’ll be surprised how clean they come out. If your trainers are looking worn in general, it’s time for a new pair.


Scarves are the key to motherhood dressing. When breastfeeding you can use your scarf as a little cover up, when your child is sick on your shoulder you can cover it up. When the spaghetti bolognaise ends up over your top you can use the scarf as a distraction tool. They are also an inexpensive way to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Statement Jewellery

When wearing a plain jumper or T a statement necklace can transform your look, they are also a brilliant way to keep a child sat on your knee for a length of time when you need them to be good and not run around.

Metallic shoes and bag

I have been an avid fan of the metallic trend for some years, maybe because my eldest child is 13 I thought these tricks handy before they were really on trend. A metallic shoe and bag instantly makes what you’re wearing trendy, it is more edgy but ironically easier to wear as metallic goes with just about everything!


So you’re either a hat person or you’re not but on a morning when having a shower, hair wash and preen is not an option a hat covers a multitude of sins and again makes it look like you’ve made loads of effort in the style stakes. Win Win!


These are not just for the celebs. As spot luxe is on trend all you need to do is stick on that gym kit, pop on some amazing sunglasses and you’re good to go. Or if like me you have to get half dressed sometimes, do the getting dressed bit at home, throw on the sunglasses for school/nursery run then apply your makeup and do your hair in the car, on the train or bus.

I hope these tips help. Wishing you all a very Happy 2017!

Victoria xxx

A Guest Blog from Victoria Genevieve

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Victoria is a London and Kent based Mum of 2, Blogger and Stylist. You can follow her style on Instagram.


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