A Sunny Day in Hereford

A Sunny Day in Hereford

As you know it’s the countdown now until the first local festival on our radar over at Hillside Brewery. Whilst finding out about what we could expect on the 13th May I discovered that the catering will be provided by The Beefy Boys.

‘Say what?’ I enquired trying to banish the mental image of ….. well of Beefy Boys. The Beefy Boys as it turns out are four amateur cooks from Hereford, and though extremely good looking I’m sure, their line of expertise is burgers made from the product their county is renowned for… beef. 21 day aged beef from local herds to be precise.

The boys took their recipe for a street food burger to the infamous Grillstock Festival in Bristol in 2014 and came away with the coveted award for best burger. This was followed by a 2nd place award in 2015 for the World’s Best Burger title at the Vegas World Food Championships. The business savvy mates then piled their winnings into opening the Hereford restaurant in December of 2015. Expecting it to be quiet at first they were overwhelmed with the positive response to their new venue from the word go and the place is generally packed out.

So when I suggested to the Papa that I had a venue in mind that did a great dirty burger but with well sourced and great quality ingredients, oh and that they had a very decent choice of ales he was so busy getting his laces tied and packing the baby bag to go that he didn’t even hear me mention that there was a massive H&M pretty much right next door!

Hereford is just over an hour’s drive from Cheltenham so not too far at all for a family day out. The Beefy Boys are located in The Old Market which is a shopping complex with a cinema, a Waitrose, TK Maxx and lots of other great high street stores (did someone say Paperchase?) Parking is a dream and it’s all very buggy friendly.

There’s a whole host of dining options in the Old Market but The Beefy Boys is clearly the only independent and if they’re good enough to bring their street food option to Hillside then they were good enough for us.

Highchairs, changing tables and children’s menus with colouring pencils and paper all get a big green tick from CMHQ and the drinks menu offered a whole heap of options for those of you who may be dining child free or on a night out with friends.

Now the food….. let these pictures do the talking.

I always look for the less obvious choice on a menu and usually regret it but the Leafy Burger (Portobello mushroom) did not disappoint.

However I did have to try some of that local beef and both the Papa and I agreed it was one of the best burgers we’d ever tasted. The addition of fries and corn on the cob with either lime and chilli (yum) or salt and pepper were a real hit with the children. Constructive suggestions alert…. perhaps something for them to think about going forward would be a sweet potato fries option? Then we would safely say we could ask for no more!

Hereford is clearly a great shopping alternative to Cheltenham and if you are looking for a change you could really make a nice day of it. Outside of the city more options for family friendly fun also mean this is a great spot for a night away. I have it on good authority that Newbridge Farm Park makes an ideal family day out (closed today) – maybe if this warmer weather continues Hereford might even be a great spot for a night of camping? Or for those of you who prefer a roof over your heads I spotted this glamping option on Canopy and Stars…. now that’s more up my street! Or if it’s all about the city for you head to Airbnb for some great low cost city centre accommodation options.

Or if you can’t get to Hereford any time soon but need to get one of these burgers in your belly then rest assured they will be in Gloucestershire on the 13th May for the summer festival at Hillside Brewery – if you missed our competition to win free tickets you can find out more and enter here!

For more information on The Beefy Boys or to find out how they can cater your event take a look at their website.



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