A Letter For The Future

A Letter For The Future

During story time at the library last week, I had a little moment. We were singing our favourite song, “Wind The Bobbin Up”, when I looked at each of my daughters and realised that there wouldn’t be too many more times we could sit around mid-week in the library and sing nursery-rhymes. I’m extremely emotional about my girls starting big school, but I realise that they are too young to understand my feelings and it would be too selfish of me to tell them. So, thought I’d write a letter which, maybe, they can read in the future.

Dear girls,

The 3 of us have been together all day every day since you were born, which will be almost 5 years by the time you start big school. Before you were born I thought I was going to have to go back to work or Daddy was going to look after you or we were going to have to get a nanny. I feel very lucky that the place I worked in Amsterdam decided they didn’t actually want me back, I secretly breathed a sigh of relief!

We have had a lot of fun together, you have taught me a lot of things – mainly to slow down and enjoy the simple things. You’ve got me doing things I never thought I would do. Like baking cakes (sometimes at 7am..), making bread, doing craft in a pub, singing nursery rhymes on public transport, doing the Hokey Cokey in the park, dancing round the house in the middle of the day, doing ‘’chugga chugga choo choo’’ through M&S, the list goes on. You have been my gym membership (pushing you both in the double pram all day every day, carrying you up lots of stairs in Amsterdam, chasing after you when you ran away, etc). You have also been my entertainment and my full time job.

I’m going to miss waking up on a Wednesday morning and randomly deciding we can have breakfast in bed – just because we can. Now we will have to save that for weekends, and I’ll have to share you with Daddy.

I’m going to miss our ‘’mummy day’’ every Thursday when you didn’t have pre-school. I loved being able to ask you what you would like to do and pretty much being able to do it. Even jumping on a bus at 8am on a freezing cold icy day and enjoying Pittville Park almost to ourselves.

I’m going to miss Jingle Tots, the songs we’ve sung and the friends we’ve made; not forgetting all of the other tonnes of toddler groups we’ve been to over the last few years. We’ve toured the groups of Amsterdam, London and Cheltenham. You even inspired me to set up a craft group – which you won’t be able to come to anymore, who will help me now?!

I’m going to miss sitting in The Royal on a Monday morning with no one else around, just us, some drinks and some colouring.

I’m going to miss the library when it’s quiet.

Yes I know I may have shouted once or twice and got a little stressed, perhaps I said things I shouldn’t have and for all of that I’m very sorry. But, I have loved every minute of it and I’m going to be lost without you around all day. I know that I need to let you go a little bit, you are ready to grow up, you are ready to learn and make new friends. I need to get a bit of my own identity back – I need to start working at a real job and maybe even get a real gym membership.

I’m going to cherish the after-school moments and especially the school holidays, which I’m very busy plotting for already. It’s been a great ride, now here’s to the next amazing chapter!

Good luck, my big little girls.

A Guest Blog from Cheryl Crowley

About Cheryl

Cheryl is a full time mum to twin girls, she spends her day’s trying to stay sane and calm – on a stay-at-home mum’s salary!

When the kids are happily at pre-school, she enjoys hiking in the countryside, yoga and cleaning (well, she does the cleaning, not necessarily enjoying it!). With the family, she enjoys spending time in Cornwall or at home doing baking and crafts with the girls. She also runs a monthly craft group for little ones in Charlton Kings. In her former life, she lived in far away places working for advertising agencies and enjoying cocktails after work.

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