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11 minutes with The Unmumsy Mum

11 minutes with The Unmumsy Mum

Sarah Turner (best selling author of The Unmumsy Mum and  The Unmumsy Mum Diary and owner of the incredible blog The Unmumsy Mum) is one busy (and pregnant!) lady but when I met her at the launch of the fabulous The Parent Pause over in Rugby I was struck by just how normal, honest and down to earth she is. I managed to snatch just 11 minutes out of her jam packed diary and I’m sure you’ll agree that the questions I came up with are nothing short of cutting edge journalism. David Dimbleby – watch out.

Hi Sarah! I know you are off on a much needed holiday any minute but thanks so very much for answering my eleven questions in eleven minutes! So here we go…

1. What was the location of your first snog?

Football club car park outside an under 18s disco. I’m pretty sure he’d just finished eating a burger when he kissed me.

2. What’s the first drink you order on a big night out?

G&T, double.

3. Fabric softener or scrunchy towels?

I have never bought fabric softener in my life. I also don’t iron anything. True story.

4. Best ever box set binge?

Last thing I binge watched was Stranger Things on Netflix. So good.
5. Household chore you detest the most?

Sorting out endless piles of washing. ENDLESS.

6. Desert island disc… you only get one?

Mr Brightside by The Killers. I’ve seen them live three times.

7. Fishfinger or chicken nugget?

Fishfinger. Obviously.

8. Last time you wore a fishnet stocking or tight? (Or other equally trashy item of clothing)?

Laughing so hard at this question. I sported something relatively trashy recently (in erm ‘private’) and the whole ensemble looked ridiculous with a 20 week bump.

9. Baby name that you have always loved but James absolutely vetoes?

Anything starting with ‘Ed.’ He has Ed issues.

10. Best early pregnancy saviour?

Sparkling water. Gallons and gallons of it.

11. What’s up next for you? (three words only!)

Writing, baby, chaos!




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