I hope you’ll all forgive me for coming out of CheltenhamMaman retirement for one last hurrah.

I signed up to a really important campaign back in the summer and it’s taken some time for it to come to fruition. It’s a topic close to my heart so I’ve dug out the old quill and ink ready to write one last post.

Earlier in the year you may remember that I saved my family’s plastic waste as part of the 1Change campaign with The Midcounties Co-operative and this blog is a follow up. I’ve been challenged to highlight how I spend sixty short seconds making another change to reduce my family’s single use plastic. 

I’ve chosen a seriously middle class problem to tackle but it’s a topic my husband and I have been discussing for ages and one that I didn’t really feel able to avoid changing any more.

Our problem was coffee and I spent my sixty seconds teaching myself how to make a top notch flat white in my very own kitchen without relying on disposable coffee pods and the seriously convenient but depressingly bad for the environment machine we’ve come to rely on. 

So if like us, you love a frothy coffee or two of a morning you also won’t want to give up your pods, but regardless of whether the pods are recyclable or not (remember it’s better to reduce before you recycle) they are a huge source of plastic waste compared to buying your coffee either in larger packaging or loose beans that you then grind yourself.

So my sixty seconds of research taught me that I was going to need to spend some money on equipment if I wanted my caffeine fix to be as good as I was used to. A cafetière is a great and simple option and will end up costing you far less to buy the coffee than the pods would have done and have a much lesser effect on the environment. Milk frothers are readily available at a variety of budgets.

Or if you have a little more cash to spare and can invest in a larger piece of equipment (eventually it will pay off against the cost of the pods) then a barista style coffee machine with a milk frother attachment is a great option. 

Goodbye pods! 

So after my sixty seconds of research we went for the investment option and I’m pleased to report that I’ve almost honed my barista skills in another sixty seconds and our coffee is better than it has ever been! No regrets at all and our plastic waste has been reduced dramatically.

Once again I’d love to point you all in the direction of the link where you can pledge your 1Change to make a difference in the fight against single use plastics. 

Good Luck! Together we can make a difference.

#60secondstosavetheworld #1Changein1Minute


This blog was written in paid partnership with The Midcounties Co-operative.


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